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USB VoIP Phones

USB Phones

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USB Phones

USB Phones for Use With VoIP Softclients

Get the BEST USB Phone for use with your favorite softclient.

With almost 30 different choices, you are GUARANTEED to find the right USB Phone at VoIP Supply. Choose from a selection of cordless USB Phones, Bluetooth USB phones, desktop USB phones and even USB conference phones.

All of our USB Phones are fully supported by our in-house team of experts, come with a full manufacturers warranty and work with most popular softclients.

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  1. Polycom CX300

    SKU: 02-110250

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    The Polycom CX300 brings new meaning to the USB desktop phone with a two-line monochrome display, telephone keypad and wideband high fidelity audio
  2. Polycom CX100

    SKU: 02-105075

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    With the Polycom CX100, now you can have crystal-clear, natural, hands-free conversations without echoes or feedback, whether for small group conferences or for personal hands-free use
  3. Polycom C100S (Blue)

    SKU: 02-101738

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    The Polycom C100S is a wideband USB speakerphone for use with Skype

3 Item(s)