Grandstream UCM6200 & GXP Phones Webinar Recap (Recording and Q&A)

June 5, 2018 by Ying-Hui Chen

Are you interested in the Grandstream UCM6200 or other versions of the UCM? These Grandstream IP PBX appliances offer secure and reliable service at an unprecedented price without any licensing fees, cost-per-feature or recurring fees. During our previous webinar with Grandstream, we received a lot of great questions about the UCM appliances and we want to share with all of you who may have the same questions!  

Download the presentation slides here

Grandstream UCM6200 & GXP Phones Webinar Q&A

Question 1 Can an Avaya phone be configured to work with the UCMs?

Answer: All our devices are SIP-based devices so any devices that support the SIP protocol should work with the UCM. Some features might not work because they were designed to work with Grandstream devices only but in terms of the functionality, it should not be a problem.


Question 2 What about an Active Directory or some other directory client on the UCMs?

Answer: Yes, you can use the Active Directory on either the UCMs or on the GXP phones.


Question 3: How do we set up Affinity desktop client?

Answer: After downloading the application through the “Resources” section of any GXP phone’s product page on, you can choose Simple, Advanced or Discovery setup mode. Each provide convenient configuration possibilities to any deployment.

For more information about Grandstream Affinity, download the Grandstream Affinity brochure and the User Guide here! Or call our VoIP Specialists at 1-800-398-8647.


Question 4: Does Grandstream have training available in South Africa?

Answer: Not that I am aware of. You can reach out to our help desk and select the region when you open a ticket in the system and we will get back to you with a more accurate answer.


Question 5: The Grandstream 6510 UCM had a USB port, do other UCM models have that too?

Answer: That is correct! All the UCM models come with a SD card port for external storage and a USB port that you can use.


Question 6: Is there a Cloud version of the UCM6200?

AnswerNot as of right now, all the UCMs are IP PBX appliances, not in the cloud yet.

More Questions? Contact our VoIP Solutions Consultant, Joe Shanahan, at 716-531-4316 or [email protected]!

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