Affordable Do-It-Yourself Home Surveillance

October 14, 2011 by Nathan Miloszewski

Entry level IP cameras are dropping in price and are easier to install than you think.  Unlike webcams, IP cameras are standalone devices the don’t need a continuously running computer to allow them to operate.  Plus, you can access images from your IP camera anywhere, including mobile phones.

Nik Rawlinson of CNET writes “How to set up a cheap home security system using Dynamic DNS” and outlines, in great detail, the steps you’ll need to follow:

  1. Site your IP camera
  2. Sign up to free Dynamic DNS forwarding
  3. Set up your router

That’s all you need to start monitoring your cats from work.

Home IP Camera Suggestions

Here’s a few affordable indoor IP cameras that are great for home, office, or vacation home use.  Wired and wireless options are available on some models and these IP cameras can be controlled remotely, from a standard web browser wherever you are:

  • ACTi ACM-4201 ($266.00):  Supports two-way audio, hardware motion detection, megapixel imaging, and low light capability in a compact design.
  • Panasonic BL-C1A ($99.95):  Plug and Play Installation, built-In Web Server/IP address, 10x digital zoom, integrated Motion Sensor with E-mail alert, and 4-lux Night View mode.
  • Axis M1011-W ($179.00):  Ideal for securing locations such as small businesses, boutiques, restaurants, hotels or residences. These intuitive and dependable cameras offer best-in-class image quality and professional monitoring capabilities.



  • sahid

    Pls suggest me from where i can purchase a wireless ip camera.

  • Marc Broder

    Need to continuously record on a budget 3 foscam cameras. Can I use a software program live blue iris and a portable disc drive or a NVR? Any suggestions?

  • Hi Marc,

    I’d recommend a Synology NVR for their reliability (although be prepared to spend $50 a camera for every camera beyond the first).

    Blue Iris is an amazing program, and for a great price. With Blue Iris you could just set up a cheap desktop tower with loads of hard drive space and run BI.

    Sahid – I’m rather partial to 😉

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