Video Surveillance with Grandstream’s GXV3175 Video Phone and GXV3615 IP Camera

February 14, 2013 by Nathan Miloszewski

Grandstream Video Phone_Camera

Note: This post is brought to us by Courtney Hamp, VoIP Supply’s Technical Support Specialist. Courtney has great VoIP project ideas when he’s not busy helping others, troubleshooting, or designing a communication solution. In this example he has outlined the steps to view a video surveillance feed right from a desktop Grandstream video phone.  No need for an additional monitor or browser tab – just glance at your phone for a quick visual update

Grandstream brings some flair to the desk again with the Grandstream GXV3175, their 7 inch touchscreen IP Multimedia Phone. With several built-in web apps and a 1.3 megapixel camera for video conferencing, it is a great fit for the knowledge worker or executive in your organization.

However, it has some cool features that you won’t uncover easily while looking at the standard user guide.

Grandstream Phone Communicates With Grandstream Camera

One of these features is the ability to communicate with Grandstream’s GXV3615 IP cube camera. Once configured, you can dial into the GXV3615 from the GXV3175 and see the live video feed from the camera while holding a two-way voice conversation using the camera’s built-in mic and speaker.

This is great for monitoring that less used warehouse entrance or keeping the kids in line from a home office!

How Does it Work?

Here is how you set it up.

  • First: Provision both the phone and the camera with SIP extensions from your PBX – We used a couple extensions on an Elastix ELX-025 appliance in our lab to do this.
  • Second: On the phone, change the call mode to IP using the dropdown next to the dial pad and dial the IP address of the camera
  • Third: Enjoy a live video feed from the camera and two way audio to converse without leaving your desk!
  • Fourth (Optional):  Save the camera as a contact from your recently dialed numbers, so you can easily call it anytime you want!

Call a VoIP Supply rep at 800-398-8647 if you’re interested in making this application a reality.

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