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Hello, I am Darren Hartman, VoIP Supply’s Senior Sales Representative. I have been with VoIP Supply since we opened our doors. Over the years I have been actively selling, managing and helping train new sales associates. I have a degree in Business Administration and Sales. I really enjoy talking with customers and finding out more about their business. Nothing is more gratifying then putting together a complete solution for a customer. Follow Darren on Twitter, Google+, and connect with him on LinkedIn.

Benefits of Aastra Phones

February 22, 2011
Being a sales professional with VoIP Supply for the past six years I have had the pleasure to use most if not all of the IP ... READ MORE

Benefits of Cisco Small Business Switches

February 16, 2011
I have been doing some research on the new line of Cisco SMB Switches that just came out recently. These switches are not just a ... READ MORE

Adding VoIP to Your Home Network

October 19, 2010
Voice over Internet Protocol isn’t going anywhere. It’s here and it’s staying. It’s time to bid farewell to your traditional phone in your home and ... READ MORE

Upgrading your existing network for VoIP

August 31, 2010
Many businesses are looking to upgrade their phone systems to VoIP for the added features, flexibility and cost savings on long distance. With the added burden ... READ MORE

VoIP and Your Network

July 19, 2010
Looking to join the ever growing number of businesses using a cutting edge VoIP phone system, but concerned you're infrastructure is ready? No need to hesitate ... READ MORE

IP Enabling Your Analog Paging System

June 30, 2010
Traditional zoned paging systems are proprietary, inflexible and not easily managed. Oh and they don't exactly play well with your new IP PBX. Now, you could ... READ MORE

From Analog to IP Paging

June 1, 2010
As one of the senior sales representatives at VoIP Supply I field numerous calls each day from folks like you who are looking to migrate ... READ MORE