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Being a sales professional with VoIP Supply for the past six years I have had the pleasure to use most if not all of the IP phone
model manufactures that we carry.

A few months back I hooked up the Aastra IP 6755I to give it try.  The phone has performed really well. Below are some major benefits of this particular phone and all of the Aastra 67XI series phone family. They have a lot of great choices for all types of users.…

Voice over Internet Protocol isn’t going anywhere. It’s here and it’s staying. It’s time to bid farewell to your traditional phone in your home and welcome VoIP phones or VoIP service to enjoy calling to friends and family in US, Canada or any destination in the world at a rate which will suit your budget.

VoIP phone service not only saves you on your calls, but lets you enjoy all value-added features, which otherwise are charged for in case of your traditional phone. Owing to these facts, people are abandoning their traditional phones and going head-over-heels for purchasing residential VoIP services. I want to outline some basic options or requirements that you will need to get started.

Soft Phone Options

A soft phone is a …

Many businesses are looking to upgrade their phone systems to VoIP for the added features, flexibility and cost savings on long distance.

With the added burden of VoIP on the network, companies need to guard against Packet loss, delay and jitter in their networks.  As such the requirements to make sure that you have everything you need are becoming more advanced. And network technology is advancing and changing more than ever these days.

So before you make that move to VoIP you need to make sure your network is ready to handle the additional traffic.

Evaluate your network infrastructure

The first thing you need to do is take an inventory of what equipment you currently have. Hopefully you have a good amount of equipment …

Looking to join the ever growing number of businesses using a cutting edge VoIP phone system, but concerned you’re infrastructure is ready?

No need to hesitate with that decision any longer. Ensuring your internet connection and network infrastructure can handle VoIP is relatively easy (unless you’ve got a large complex network).

Let’s take a look at a few things you should know:

  • Available bandwidth – Chances are you already most likely have a strong and reliable internet connection in the office (or else you wouldn’t be reading this). However, a lack of necessary bandwidth to properly transport your VoIP calls has crippled more than a few deployments. This because many fail to realize that VoIP calls are made up of data packets and fail to

Traditional zoned paging systems are proprietary, inflexible and not easily managed. Oh and they don’t exactly play well with your new IP PBX.

Now, you could replace your zoned paging system with IP paging system, but that requires additional budget and time that you’d more than likely save. However there is IP paging equipment that provides for flexible zoning, and enhanced speaker capabilities that does not require you to throw out your existing investment.

Enter the IP paging gateway! A relatively simple device, the IP Paging gateway is similar in form an function to a VoIP adapter or VoIP gateway.

Using an IP paging gateway

An IP paging gateway is simple to set-up. Using the Ethernet port on the IP paging gateway you connect the …

As one of the senior sales representatives at VoIP Supply I field numerous calls each day from folks like you who are looking to migrate to a VoIP phone system. It is such an exciting time to be in this industry and to have the opportunity to help businesses understand all of the savings and benefits they can achieve by installing a VoIP phone system.

From your start-up operation out of a small office on a tight budget to your Fortune 500, it seems like just about everyone is now making the switch. But no matter the size and scope of the deployment, most businesses that I speak with fail to consider how some of their other communications systems are impacted by making the switch …