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Garrett is the former VoIP Supply CMO.

What is "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) VoIP?

January 23, 2012
A lot of us (those of us who are at least 21, anyway) are fans of hosting parties that say “bring your own beer,” because ... READ MORE

SIP for magicJack

January 9, 2012
In earlier posts we looked at several ways for you to use SIP with your device of choice including SIP softphones, SIP for Apple, and SIP ... READ MORE

SIP for Android

December 22, 2011
Utilizing new phone technology can be great for both business and personal use. People who embrace VoIP and SIP technology see new capabilities, new conveniences, ... READ MORE

SIP for Apple

December 15, 2011
Using today’s technology for communication has now gone beyond email and instant messaging. Total integration – for both the office and the home – is ... READ MORE

How to Use SIP Softphones & Open Source SIP

December 1, 2011
Understanding the difference between a hardphone and softphone is as simple as using one of each – but many people have not had the pleasure ... READ MORE

VoIP Options for Start-Ups

November 11, 2011
When you’re a start-up company, one of the things you want to do is look like you’re not a start-up company. You want your business ... READ MORE

How to Implement VoIP for Your Start-Up

October 28, 2011
Having a VoIP system for your start-up is an easy decision: your company can use the power of the Internet to essentially run a professional phone ... READ MORE

What are the Best Phone Systems for Startups?

October 24, 2011
Being in a startup company means you’re facing some special circumstances. Your budget is tight, your income is fluctuating and uncertain, and the office space ... READ MORE

The Microsoft-Skype Deal Was About Facebook The Whole Time

August 11, 2011
Microsoft, Really? Months before Skype was scooped-up by Microsoft for $8.5 billion dollars there was tons of speculation as to who may ultimately purchase Skype. Would it ... READ MORE

The IP PBX Isn’t Dead

July 26, 2011
Over the last few years there have been a number of obituaries posted for the PBX; specifically the premise based IP PBX. There is no doubt ... READ MORE
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