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Garrett is the former VoIP Supply CMO.

What Types of Multimedia VoIP Phones Are Available?

August 31, 2012
Someone who’s beginning to shop for a new multimedia VoIP phone might have a lot of questions about exactly what these models are and what ... READ MORE

New at VoIP Supply: Elastix Appliances

August 28, 2012
Elastix Appliances Are Coming Soon! No more worrying about building servers, loading operating systems, Elastix or installing PSTN connectivity cards! (more…) ... READ MORE

Why Buy a Multimedia VoIP Phone?

August 7, 2012
With many different kinds of telecom solutions available to homes and businesses, today’s buyer might be wondering why they should invest in a brand new ... READ MORE

What is a Multimedia VoIP Phone?

August 4, 2012
With the emergence of multimedia video phones, audiovisual phone calls have finally become a mainstream part of the consumer tech world. For those who remember Dick ... READ MORE

BYOD Service Provider Advantages

February 25, 2012
A lot of us know that VoIP services come with a lot of advantages. You can pay low overhead for a variety of phone options ... READ MORE

Unified Communications, Mobile Solutions from Switchvox and 3CX

February 22, 2012
Note:  This is the 3rd installment in the Switchvox vs. 3CX series.  Click here for Part I and Part II. For most people, witnessing the advances in phone ... READ MORE

Switchvox vs. 3CX: Advantages and Disadvantages

February 20, 2012
Note:  This is the 2nd installment in the Switchvox vs. 3CX series.  Click here for Part I. In the world of VoIP, today’s businesses expect a ... READ MORE

Wireless Networking for VoIP

February 19, 2012
What is a wireless VoIP network, and how can it help your business? For the VoIP user, it’s just like making a regular phone call. VoIP ... READ MORE

Switchvox vs. 3CX

February 17, 2012
Too many small business owners hear the phrase “Voice over IP” or “VoIP” and instantly dismiss the idea as being too technical for them. But ... READ MORE

How is BYOD VoIP Service Used?

January 28, 2012
In Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) VoIP service, you’re allowed to use a previously existing SIP phone system as the hardware through which you run ... READ MORE
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