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Open source telephony platform from Digium.

Open Source PBX Comparisons

July 9, 2010
So if you have been following my previous posts on open source software and hardware requirements, you are well aware that you have many options ... READ MORE

Open Source Telephony Software

June 11, 2010
When it comes to VoIP and telephony, many customers are realizing the added benefits of using open-source operating systems and telephony software to administer and ... READ MORE

Open Source PBX Requirements

June 2, 2010
In my last post we covered the many options that are available for open-source telephony software. But open source telephony software isn't all you need ... READ MORE

Xorcom Astribanks Now Available

March 16, 2010
PSTN Connectivity and Failover Solution For Asterisk Open source based VoIP and telephony solution continue to grow in popularity with businesses of all sizes. Blending flexibility with ... READ MORE

Using Polycom SoundPoint IP Phones with Asterisk PBX

September 23, 2009
Most or our readers are likely familiar with Asterisk Open Source PBX, but for those of you who aren't, Polycom has recently put together an ... READ MORE

35 Great Free Asterisk Applications

August 10, 2009
Matt Riddell over at VentureVoIP has put together a great list of 35 free applications and bolt-on's for Asterisk Open Source PBX. Many of these ... READ MORE

Head to Head: Trixbox Appliance Versus PhoneBochs Asterisk Appliance

June 16, 2009
As you may have noticed, has recently discontinued sales of the Trixbox Appliance. We will continue to fully support existing Trixbox Appliance customers, but ... READ MORE

Cisco Releases Official Asterisk Configuration Guide for SPA8800 Gateway

June 10, 2009
In a move that I interpret as Cisco beginning to view the "open source" telephony market as a viable opportunity, Cisco today released a new ... READ MORE

Win one of three new IAX phones!

April 22, 2009
A few days ago Insider Cory Andrews leaked information about a new VoIP phone that landed at VoIP Supply which supports the IAX2 protocol. For ... READ MORE

Leaked: New MultiLine IP Phone with IAX2 Support

April 16, 2009
Disclosure: I should not be publishing this information and the accompanying spy photos. There's a good chance I may lose my job over this, but ... READ MORE
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