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How To Select an IP Camera Lens

January 27, 2011
There are several elements that affect an IP camera's image quality and field of view but the one component that is affected first, the piece ... READ MORE

Cost of IP Surveillance

December 14, 2010
Thanks to the heads up at Security Products, a study has been released by Axis Communications that compares the cost of a traditional analog surveillance ... READ MORE

Wireless IP Camera Setup – Part III

December 1, 2010
In the beginning stages of wireless IP camera setup  there are some simple considerations to be aware of.  As you get deeper into a wireless IP camera system solution other factors ... READ MORE

Wireless IP Camera Setup – Part II

November 24, 2010
In the first part of the wireless IP camera setup conversation it was noted that because of their easy, quick, and cost-friendly set-up, wireless ip ... READ MORE

Wireless IP Camera Setup

November 23, 2010
Due to their flexibility and cost savings, wireless IP cameras are an interesting alternative to wired networks. For example, a wireless IP camera, like the Axis M3113-R, in a ... READ MORE

Power over Ethernet (PoE) and Network Bandwidth

November 19, 2010
Data transfer rate standards have increased dramatically enabling today's Ethernet networks to provide the performance necessary for demanding IP video applications. Power over Ethernet (PoE) provides ... READ MORE

How To Calculate IP Camera Bandwidth

November 10, 2010
In a vacuum IP cameras are more powerful than their analog/CCTV cousins. However the strength and reliability of a network can bring an IP camera ... READ MORE

IP Camera Project – Mix of Fixed and Dome IP Cameras

November 5, 2010
Sometimes a security solution calls for only only type of IP camera such as this high school application that only required Dome IP Cameras.  But ... READ MORE

Successful IP Camera Project – Fixed Dome IP Camera

November 4, 2010
I've been talking about IP camera types in the last few posts and now I'd like to begin highlighting these different camera types and show how ... READ MORE

IP Camera Types

October 28, 2010
An IP camera, also called a network camera, is a camera with an IP network connection. It can also be described as a camera and ... READ MORE
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