Don’t Let Cost Be Your Guide

March 28, 2011 by Nathan Miloszewski

In an IP camera buyers guide article at Source Security, Simon Nash, Senior Marketing Manager of Sony Europe, stresses:

Don’t let cost be your guiding light. Most people buy surveillance cameras with cost as their highest priority and effectiveness as the second, which results in grainy, out-of-focus images.

A great deal of knowledge and expertise is shared in this article from points to conider when converging from analog to IP, evaluation criteria for IP cameras, and do’s and don’ts when making a selection.

We understand that cost and budgetary concerns are always paramount.  But it’s important to know and hear that the right system for you isn’t simply the cheapest. 

Consider these factors

Other important factors that Nash outlines which are the same concerns we share with customers when drawing up a surveillance solution are:

  • Understand your application – do you need to read license plate numbers or is just knowing that cars are moving through an area?
  • Experts advise favoring crisp images over smooth motion.
  • Consider the efficiency benefits of centralizing your video surveillance system.
  • How open is open – do different brands play as well with one another as advertised?  Instead of a smorgasbord solution of cameras and software in your system, consider opting for one manufacturer to not only ensure compatiblity but to limit the number headaches you’ll get installing the system. 

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