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Spectralink for Lync

October 18, 2013
SpectraLink wireless phones are wildly famous. And why not? Their iconic WiFI and DECT phones offer all kinds of benefits to businesses who need mobility ... READ MORE

Adtran: The Next Generation

October 15, 2013
ADTRAN is a unique company; instead of replacing models, they simply make their existing models better. ADTRAN’s most recent release is the third generation of the ... READ MORE

How to Get Mobile, Wireless Technology in School Classrooms

August 16, 2013
In the past, VoIP Supply's Edu Assist Program helped hundreds of educational institutions deploy VoIP phone systems. Our assistance program is now helping schools set up ... READ MORE

What Is Content Marketing and Why Do Businesses Need It?

July 31, 2013
Back at the end of April, VoIP Supplys' Garrett Smith joined his fellow local marketers on the panel, Why Content Marketing Matters, hosted by the Ad Club ... READ MORE

5 Tips for Choosing an IP PBX for Your Small Business

May 22, 2013
The proliferation of hosted-private branch exchange (PBX) solutions has led to a surplus of information about these virtual telephony systems. But small business owners should ... READ MORE

6 Marketing Tips from Seth Godin

May 21, 2013
If you're running a small business and you haven't heard of Seth Godin by now, maybe you should. Seth Godin is an entrepreneur, best selling author, ... READ MORE

Valuable Digium and Switchvox Trainings

May 8, 2013
It's finally May and you know what that means - Busy summer sales months are right around the corner!  If your phone system is an ... READ MORE

Cisco Small Business Reveals More Value in Gigabit Phone Line

If you were a fan of Cisco last quarter you no doubt followed their 4-4-3 promotion where you practically got your 4th SPA504 or SPA303 ... READ MORE

First Look – Switchvox 450 and 470 Appliances

April 12, 2013
[gallery link="file" ids="66613,66623,66633,66643"] For years, Switchvox has been the most trusted name in feature-rich, out of the box Asterisk® solutions. Digium's Switchvox has won multiple awards in recent years ... READ MORE

AVer Makes Video Conferencing in the Classroom Easier

March 22, 2013
Schools are using video conferencing to both help provide students with a more interactive and fulfilling education, as well as providing better services to the ... READ MORE