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Best Practices for IP Video Management

January 21, 2011
My recent posts on IP Video Management turned out be 7-part series.  Who knew it was such a fascinating topic to warrant such length, right?  If ... READ MORE

How to Integrate IP Video Management Into Your Business

January 17, 2011
An advantage of network based IP cameras is the ability to monitor a range of business activities from: Transactions Employee and customer behavior Monitor restricted access entry/exits Manage your building's utilities ... READ MORE

IP Video Management – Input / Output Ports

January 10, 2011
To provide more insight into the event management features of an IP video management system a post was dedicated to video motion detection and this one will detail an ... READ MORE

Video Motion Detection – Triage for IP Video Recording

January 7, 2011
Responding to disasters or emergency medical situations requires triage -- the process of determining the priority of treating patients based on the severity of their condition. Video ... READ MORE

IP Video Management Features – Event Management

January 4, 2011
Moving along in this IP Video Management series, event management is responding to events that have been triggered by built-in features of IP cameras, video servers, ... READ MORE

IP Video Management Features – Recording and Viewing

December 22, 2010
Managing the video captured from your IP cameras is an important function of your surveillance system.  I've talked about the hardware platform and software platform ... READ MORE

IP Video Management – Software Platforms

December 15, 2010
IP video management plays an important role in your surveillance system.  I've already discussed the hardware platforms options.  The physical devices that manage video.  Now we ... READ MORE

IP Video Management – Hardware Platforms

December 13, 2010
What is video management?  Once you've got your IP cameras up and running video management is an important tool to properly manage, record, store, and view ... READ MORE