IP Video Management Features – Event Management

January 4, 2011 by Nathan Miloszewski

Moving along in this IP Video Management series, event management is responding to events that have been triggered by built-in features of IP cameras, video servers, or intelligent monitoring software.

An event can be scheduled or triggered and once one has occured you can automatically program alerts and notifications to be sent to cell phones, via email, or even pop-up windows on a computer screen.

One of the most important functions of event managment is saving bandwidth and storage space.  That is, video will not be needlessly viewed or recorded unless an event has happened. 

Further, you don’t have to worry about constantly monitoring your IP camera surveillance – You will be notified if something happens.

There are several ways an event can be triggered and there are many options for setting up the responses.

Event Management Triggers

You can schedule events with your IP video products or they can be triggered by such things as:

  • Input Ports:  Input ports on IP cameras and video servers can be connected to sensors and door switches.
  • Manual Trigger:  Any user of your IP surveillance system can manually trigger an event (to begin recording or, send an alert) if anything suspicious happens.
  • Video Motion Detection:  If a cameras motion detection catches movement, an event can be triggered.
  • Audio Trigger:  IP cameras with audio functionality can trigger an event if, for example, audio is detected above or below levels that you specify.
  • Temperature:  If the temperature becomes higher or lower than the camera’s operating range, an event can be triggered.
  • Camera Tampering:  Some cameras can detect when they are vandalized (lens is spraypainted, camera is moved out of focus) and this can be used to trigger an event.

Event Responses

Once an event occurs here are some of the responses you can set up:

  • Activate an alarm
  • Send an email notification
  • Send an HTTP/TCP notification to IP video management system (to begin recording)
  • Adjust camera lens to a preset location (PTZ IP Cameras can be programmed to turn towards doorways, windows, etc.)
  • Send a text message
  • On-screen pop up window video display/notification

Event Mangement Features

Managing surveillance events does not have to be stresful or a full-time job thanks to the automated features available in IP camera software, the IP cameras themselves, or video servers if you’re still using analog cameras.

There are many possibilites and I will go into more detail about motion detection and input/output ports in the following posts.

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  • This is first time i read about Id management. Its looks like informative stuff though. Keep up making good impression, eagerly waiting for next one.

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