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TRENDnet TVP-SP4BK ClearSky Bluetooth Conference Phone

February 9, 2007
TRENDnet Bluetooth Conference Phone For Skype The TRENDnet TVP-SP4BK is the latest in an emerging sector of conferencing solutions for soft client (especially Skype) users. The ... READ MORE

Snom 370 IP Phone

February 5, 2007
Snom 370 The Newest IP Phone From Snom Debuting at CeBIT 2007 in Hanover, Germany, the Snom 370 is the latest in the IP Phone line-up ... READ MORE

D-Link V-Click Dual Mode Phone

D-Link V-Click GSM/WiFI Mobile Phone The D-Link V-CLICK allows users to switch between cellular and Wi-Fi networks with the click of a button. With a simple ... READ MORE

Polycom IP430 IP Phone Review

January 18, 2007
Introduction to the Polycom IP430 The Polycom IP 430 is an enterprise-grade IP phone, The SoundPoint® IP 430 is designed to meet the telephony needs of ... READ MORE

Linksys WIP300 Wi-Fi IP Phone Review

January 17, 2007
Introduction to the Linksys WIP 300 The Linksys WIP 300-NA Wi-Fi IP Phone enables high-quality voice over IP (VoIP) service through a Wireless-G network and high-speed ... READ MORE

Cordless VoIP Phones The New VoIP Trend at CES

January 11, 2007
Cordless VoIP Phones Are All the Rage Fueled by the need to push VoIP servicse such as Skype away from the desktop and closer to the ... READ MORE

Linksys WIP320 – The Lastest Wi-FI VoIP Phone For Skype

January 3, 2007
Replicating the Traditional Phone One of the majors factor hindering the adoption of Skype by the North American market has been it's reliance on being "at ... READ MORE

Are You Wasting Money on Your IP Phones?

August 28, 2006
A recent article in CIO Today based on a report from Gartner Inc. revealed that businesses will waste $20.3 Billion on IP Phones with features ... READ MORE

Belkin WiFi Phone for Skype Released

August 11, 2006
The Belkin wireless Skype phone doesn't require a PC and will work anywhere in the world where you have secured or open access to a ... READ MORE

Grandstream BudgeTone 200 – Hot New Product!

July 31, 2006
Our good friends over at Grandstream Networks have done it again with another hot new IP phone for under $100 that is about to hit ... READ MORE