Cordless VoIP Phones The New VoIP Trend at CES

January 11, 2007 by Garrett Smith

Cordless VoIP Phones Are All the Rage
Fueled by the need to push VoIP servicse such as Skype away from the desktop and closer to the traditional calling experience, VoIP hardware vendors proved at this year’s CES that 2007 may very well be the year of the cordless VoIP phone. Now when I say cordless VoIP phone, I mean just that – a phone with no cord to it’s base station – not wireless phones. While I have no doubt that wireless phones will continue to soar in popularity as wireless accessibility expands, I believe cordless phones of the DECT and GHz variety show the most promise for residential users.

The Benefits of Cordless VoIP Phones
Cordless VoIP phones could be considered the most ideal VoIP CPE option for the residential and small office VoIP users because of the following:

  • Flexibility – Most cordless VoIP phones offer a range of over 100ft
  • Scalability – Most cordless VoIP phones offer multi-handset capability
  • Familiarity – Who hasn’t used a cordless phone?
  • Streamlined – No need for multiple ethernet drops or cords
  • Accessibility – Never miss a call when your away from your desk

Top Cordless VoIP Phone Solutions

Netgear SPH200D Cordless VoIP Phone for Skype $199.99 – One of the hottest new products for Skype that came out of CES was the Netgear SPH200D. The Netgear SPH200D is Skype Certified SPH200D incorporates DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telephony) technology which utilizes the 1.9GHz band enabling the included cordless phone to avoid interference from WiFi networks. The SPH200D’s dual-mode capability allows users to leverage Skype and the PSTN for calling. The dual-mode capability enables “life-line” capability Skype users, something that Skype lacks as a stand-alone service.

Netgear SPH200D Features and Functionality – The Cordless Phone Base Station incorporates an Ethernet (RJ-45) connector which plugs into the home network router and a PSTN (RJ11) connector which plugs into a traditional telephone wall jack. The SPH200D comes with one handset included and can support up to four cordless handsets per household, with additional handsets available for purchase separately.

  • Manage your contact list and see who’s available to talk to
  • Use premium services like SkypeIn, SkypeOut, Skype Voicemail (additional fees apply)
  • Supports up to 4 handsets per household (additional handsets sold separately)
  • DECT Cordless–ideal for long range and clear voice quality
  • Multiple Languages Supported

Uniden UIP 1868 $239.99 – The UIP1868 is a fully integrated VoIP home phone system, deploying VoIP capability to a maximum of ten handsets and offering consumers the benefits of VoIP communication in any room of their homes. Featuring 5.8GHz technology, the UIP1868 is compatible with Uniden’s TCX800, TCX400, TCX440 color screen phone and the new CLX500 flip phone accessory cordless handsets and is expandable up to a maximum of ten handsets without the need for additional broadband connections. As such, Uniden’s UIP1868 affords consumers the flexibility of utilizing VoIP communication at up to ten locations.

Uniden UIP1868 Features and Functionality – Uniden’s UIP1868 supports one telephone line and one fax line. Other key features include call waiting, caller ID, handset speakerphone, four-way conferencing, DirectLink™ two-way radio capability and a do not disturb setting.

  • Supports up to 10 Digital 5.8GHz Accessory Handsets
  • Supports 1-VoIP Voice Line and 1-VoIP Fax Line
  • Full Fax Support, including Fax over IP/Modem Detection & Fax Relay* – External Fax Machine Required.
  • WAN/LAN Bridging, Routing and Firewall Functions

Purchase the Uniden UIP1868 Now at VoIP For Only $239.99

Cordless VoIP Phones – The Conclusion

There is little doubt that in order for VoIP subscriptions to continue to grow in the residential and small office sectors, VoIP service providers are going to need to support and embrace cordless VoIP phones. Although, only a handful of providers currently support them, consumer demand and product advancements are forcing more and more service providers to support and offer this solution. Cordless VoIP phones may not be the end all be all of customer premise hardware, but the benefits are un-deniable, and their popluarity soaring. 2007 could very well be the year cordless VoIP phones become as mainstream as analog cordless phones. Prior to make any decisions on a cordless VoIP phone make sure to contact your VoIP Service provider to ensure that they support the cordless VoIP phone that you are interested in using.

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