Look out SwitchVox, trixbox, here comes CudaTel

August 5, 2009 by Garrett Smith

It seems that the once in question marriage between open source telephony platform FreeSWITCH and Barracuda Networks is now official.

Today both parties announced CudaTel, an open source PBX system built off of the FreeSWITCH platform. Still in BETA, the CudaTel system features a slick, “windows-like” GUI and is jam packed with all of the functionality one would find in the FreeSWITCH platform.


Robust details about the CudaTel unit is still forthcoming, but what is known right now about CudaTel is:

  • Entry level price of $1999 USD
  • No commercial licensing fees
  • Enterprise level release
  • Features such as auto-provisioning, enterprise call bridging, built in SIP provider provisioning
  • Plans for real time events, voice encryption and cross platform integration

Having seen the CudaTel unit, it is an obvious move to carve out a position in the ever growing open source based PBX marketplace currently dominated by the likes of SwitchVox and trixbox.

Both Barracuda and FreeSWITCH are quick to point out that the real competition is the legacy proprietary guys, though it is tough to refute the fact that CudaTel will come in direct competition with both offerings. This is especially true when one considers the lack of licensing requirements.

Again, CudaTel is still in BETA and more information is still forthcoming. But if you can’t wait, you can get your hands on a unit for 75% off list price if purchased today.

Stay tuned to the VoIP Insider for more information on CudaTel as it is made available.


  • db

    does it have a client application?

    • Garrett Smith

      Not yet, but they are working on a multi-platform client. Expect to see it out this fall.

  • Dan Friedman

    There’s also a free GUI that was just released. Darren Schreiber did a presentation on it at ClueCon. It looks really awesome. It’s now part of the FreePBX project (I guess it was TCAPI before). http://www.freepbx.org

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