Customer Spotlight: Honolulu Cookie Company

September 29, 2015 by Nathan Miloszewski

Mike Rehac VoIP Supply Refresh Phone Manager Helps Honolulu Cookie Company

Mike, VoIP Supply Refresh Manager, hoards Honolulu Cookies.

Mike Rehac manages the day to day operations of VoIP Supply’s Reclaim and Refresh divisions.

Reclaim is VoIP Supply’s industry leading equipment buyback program, and Refresh is the brand name of our very own like-new, reconditioned VoIP equipment.

Mike assists thousands of customers, helping them trade in their used or excess VoIP hardware for cash or upgraded devices.

One such customer is the renowned shortbread cookie brand, Honolulu Cookie Company who’s mission is to “spread the spirit of Aloha around the world with gourmet cookies made in Hawaii.”

They’ve been exporting Hawaiian hospitality in the form of pineapple shaped cookies since 1998.

When they were going through the VoIP Supply Reclaim program to sell some of their VoIP equipment, Mike mentioned how much he enjoyed their work; turns out that a friend of his went to college in Hawaii and introduced him to their brand.

So, in their shipment of Reclaim VoIP equipment they included a box of Honolulu Cookies just for Mike. If that was a negotiating tactic, it was a great one.

From all of us at VoIP Supply, we say thank you to one of our great customers for making our day a little bit brighter.

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