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Hello, my name is Michael Rehac and I manage the day to day operations of VoIP Supply's Reclaim and Refresh divisions.

Reclaim is VoIP Supply's industry leading equipment buyback program, and Refresh is the brand name of our very own reconditioned VoIP equipment.

I spend my days assisting our many thousands of customers with trading in their used or excess VoIP hardware for cash or upgraded devices.

Each product that I buyback from our customers is then put through an exhaustive 10-step reconditioning process in which it's fully tested for functionality, upgraded to the latest and greatest firmware version, and meticulously cleaned and repackaged.

Once the reconditioning process is complete, these products are then available as a low cost alternative to new VoIP equipment.

Please feel free to give me a call if you have any questions about our process or if you have any used VoIP hardware collecting dust – I'd be happy to help you keep your IT closet neat and clean!


I have been with VoIP Supply for nearly 3 years and, aside from being a "gadget-geek" with a love for new technology, I was mostly unfamiliar with VoIP when I joined the team.

Since then, I've really devoted myself to learning everything there is to know about VoIP technology, consistently participating in endless in-house trainings, and spending countless hours with our resident Sales Engineer and Technical Support specialist.

I use this hands-on experience daily by handling all of the Reclaim hardware testing and upgrading procedures, assisting our sales staff and distribution with provisioning, and helping our customer service department with returns.


Aside from my work with VoIP Supply, I enjoy exercising, spending time with family and friends and I love hockey and continue to actively play and coach with several organizations in the community.

Questions on Michael Rehac

From Robert Birkett at 8/6/2014 8:00 PM

Q: Since our security group will not allow the 8440 on the wireless network, will the DECT 400 Server and LYNC enabled DECT 7620 (or other phone) certified for Lync 2013 work as a solution for this issue? Our wireless LAN is locked down and certificate based authentication used, so the 8440 won't work. I need a DECT solution that does not need a corporate WLAN and works with LYNC 2013. Any suggestions?

A: This option should work. Since their wireless network is locked down, they would need to use DECT as an alternative.

Please visit the link below for configuration guide for the 400 server with lync. They would need the Lync license to interop with Lync.

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