Email is Never Enough

March 11, 2008 by Ben Sayers

Email is never enough.

Like many people, so far this week I have received in excess of 5,000 email messages, combining spam with useful communications. A few times this week, and every week, bad things have happened as a result of the “email assumption(s)”. First, several messages were never received and were trapped in a spam filter. The sender assumes I read it and is left hanging with no reply. Secondly, a few messages have been read and interpreted in a manner vastly different from the intended message. It happens to everyone, so why make the assumptions?

VoIP Supply has taken a proactive approach lately in enhancing its communication methods and no longer following the trend of making an email assumption. To the contrary, we are taking the stance that our email messages are not received and are placing a call to each customer to ensure that they are aware that we have shipped their products, and that we have emailed them both their invoice and their tracking numbers. Should they want them immediately we can provide the tracking information right over the phone.

VoIP Supply is also taking the position of not sending any negative messages by way of email. Some examples are the decline of a credit card, back order of a product and discrepancy in pricing or taxes. Any messaging between VoIP Supply and its customers, other than positive order status updates, is to be made by a live person capable of explaining and resolving any hurdles.

Our customers are our greatest asset and deserve to be treated as such. Email has its place, but a phone call will always provide better service and a more remarkable experience.

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