VoIP Q&A: Failover Port on Cisco SPA232D ATA

September 16, 2014 by Nathan Miloszewski

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Q: In case that my Internet Provider or SIP provider fail, has the Cisco SPA232D the survival option through it’s FXO port?

Cisco SPA232D

Cisco SPA232D Analog Telephone Adapter with Built-In DECT

A:   The Cisco SPA232D ATA is an FXS/FXO gateway with DECT so that in addition to using your analog phones and fax machines with VoIP you can, with the addition of an integrated DECT base station, also add up to five Cisco SPA302D handsets to communicate with it.

In regards to your question, the answer is simply “Yes.”

For more detail I will refer to the post of one of our former colleagues who wrote the post, FXS and FXO – You should be in the know:

Some ATA’s also have an FXO port. This connects to the wall jack by the computer to provide failover. In this case, in the event of internet failure, you can still make telephone calls via the POTS line. Also, you can use the FXO port to make free local calls on your POTS line.

FXO ports are most often used on Gateways and PBX’s to support Failover or Fallback as mentioned above.

For more information on all of the FXO control settings, check out the Cisco SPA232D Datasheet.

Cisco SPA232D ATA shown with SPA302D DECT Handset

Cisco SPA232D ATA shown with SPA302D DECT Handset


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