The First 100 percent reliable Fax over IP Solution….Introducing the FAXXBOCHS!!!

October 14, 2009 by Garrett Smith

From the makers of the ever so popular PhoneBochs, comes their latest appliance release called the FAXXBOCHS. The FAXXBOCHS is a premise-based appliance designed to facilitate 100 percent reliable faxing over IP.

The Fax over IP dilemma
Traditionally, faxing with VoIP only worked at a 50 percent success rate at best, utilizing the VoIP fax protocol T.38. Many VoIP devices support T.38 protocol and state they support faxing, and they do, but not reliably. The problem lies in the T.38 protocol algorithm. There are simply too many factors that can cause an interruption during a fax transmission over IP using this protocol. When circumstances like this arise, you get faxing errors, half-faxes, and sometimes, you never get the fax, without any warning or report that there was an issue/problem. To anyone running their business over fax or if faxing is a big part of your business, you know you can’t have that, you need something reliable. Historically here is what I would suggest, “keep 1 or 2 dedicated fax lines from your PSTN provider as this is the most reliable faxing mechanism still to date”. Well I can finally re-phrase that response to… “Drop your existing PSTN fax lines and the costs that you incur each month for those lines, and switch to a complete fax over IP solution that is 100 percent reliable, the FAXXBOCHS.

How does FAXXBOCHS overcome the Fax over IP dilemma?
FAXXBOCHS is an appliance and service based solution that comes equipped with an Ethernet port to plug directly into your Local Area Network (LAN), and analog FXS ports to plug directly into your existing fax machines. (No need for a special fancy dancy fax machine, any will work). There are 4 models of the appliance, the FBB-01 (1 port), FBB-02 (2 port), FBB-0 3 (3 port), and FBB-04 (4 port). The number of ports needed is determined by the number of fax machines you currently have. Lastly, it has a power port to connect the AC power adapter to provide power.

The unique part about the FAXXBOCHS technology is that it does not use the T.38 protocol over “the last mile”, which is where nearly all fax over IP issues are introduced. With this solution, bandwidth, latency, and jitter have no effect on successful faxing, and the solution works over any type of ISP connection including Cable, DSL, Satellite, etc… Additionally, if you are an avid Voice over IP user, you know the issues that NAT brings to the table, and the same is true with T.38 and faxing. Not with the FAXXBOCHS however, you don’t have to worry about NAT or any routers/firewalls in front or behind the appliance, it just works. No port forwarding, no public IP’s, no hassles. How much easier can you get? This solution is completely Plug and Play, requiring absolutely no end-user intervention or training. You simply connect the appliance to your LAN for internet access , your fax machines into the FXS ports, and the AC adapter for power. Even after the fact, if any upgrades are available, they are pushed out to the appliance from RockBochs Fax support team. Here is a good look at how it is setup…


Ok, how does the service work?
Well that pretty much explains the appliance and hardware side of things, but what about the actual fax service? Fax services are provided directly through RockBochs Inc. (the makers of the FAXXBOCHS). Service is fairly simple and straightforward, each fax line costs $30 per month (you can have up to 4 lines on a single appliance). If you’re wondering if you can keep your existing fax DID’s from your local Telco, the answer is YES. RockBochs can easily port your existing fax numbers over to the IP solution for a one-time small additional cost of $25 per line. You can send and receive as many faxes as you wish during this monthly plan for no additional costs within the Continental US and Canada. For more information regarding the service and plans available, please review the FAXXBOCHS SLA located here FAXXBOCHS SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT 10-1-2009

Anything else I should know?
FAXXBOCHS also comes complete with a web-based fax management interface (currently in beta) that allows end users to manage their faxes, including:

  • Tag faxes for easy searching
  • Assign employees their own username and password
  • Create custom folders for fax storage
  • Archive all incoming and outgoing faxes



  • Muhammad Baba

    You have very interesting services and products, but they are for US and Canada users alone. Why that? Do you know what revenue you are missing by not going Global?
    I thank you should open up your payment methods through credit cards to includes international customers. Anti-virus companies and even porn sites are global and making money in a big way by doing that, why wouldn’t you? please give us chance too to patronize you,.

  • chris heinrich


    Rockboch’s who are the makers of the FAXXBOCH’s appliance also deliver the fax service which is described in the SLA link above. For now, they only offer the service to Canada and US, but it might be a possibility in the future to grow globally.

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