AudioCodes FAX Adapter MP-202B HTTPSFAX

What Is It?

The AudioCodes Fax ATA MP-202B HTTPSFAX is an analog based fax machine and telephone adapter that allows your fax machine to connect to cloud-based fax service providers like eFax.

This analog telephone adapter (ATA) is the fax enabled version of a standard AudioCodes ATA and if you noticed the “HTTPS” in the full product name, that denotes the encrypted HTTP protocol keeping your transmissions secure.

What Does It Do?

The HTTPS Fax enabled MP-202B preserves the easy and familiar experience of the fax machine, so that users can eliminate the cost and hassle of a dedicated phone lines to their fax machine.

Receiving faxes as an email attachment works great and this adapter doesn’t change that.  The problem of how to efficiently fax paper documents is what this AudioCodes Fax ATA solves.

This is a “send only” device to compliment the eFax® features you’re already enjoying.

The Fax ATA retains the ability to connect voice calls, provide real-time audio feedback on fax call connections, and provides E911 support.

Who Is It For?

The target audience of the AudioCodes Fax ATA are those who already have an eFax® account, are well-versed with a fax to email setup, you still have a need to send hard copy faxes, and you would love to stop spending money on a phone line just for your fax machine.

New users who also want to keep their fax machines or multifunction printers can simply sign up for eFax and get started right away.

If users have a fax number connected to their Fax Machine that they want to keep and continue to use to receive faxes on, they can easily port this fax number over to eFax® and start to receive those faxes as an email.


The AudioCodes FAX ATA MP-202B HTTPSFAX is available to ship immediately.

Get rid of the phone line, save costs, and add more value to your existing eFax account.



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