I hope you don’t mind the promotional post, but I wanted to inform you of a substantial price decrease on the AudioCodes MP202B Dual FXS, Dual Ethernet Port Analog Telephone adapter.

Typically, the AudioCodes adapter retails for $83.95, but thanks to some behind the scenes wheeling and dealing, we are now able to bring it to you for the low cost of $64.95 – making it a great alternative to the Linksys SPA2102 and or the Grandstream HandyTone 496 for those of you who may be looking for alternative devices.

For more information about the AudioCodes MP-202B check out out the AudioCodes MP-202B product page.



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  2. This ATA has FXO port as well; so it’s probably more similar to SPA3102, rather than SPA2102, right?
    Anyway, did you do any head-to-head comparison between different adapters? The criteria could be voice quality, QoS support for routers, fax support, ease of administration. I am sure there are many others that I can’t think of right now.
    $10 difference is obviously good; but it would be great to know how they stack up technically as well.

    Thanks! You are doing great job both as retailer and with your blog. With Voxilla demise I was afraid that I will be stuck with locked adapters only. Glad I was mistaken 🙂

  3. @Felix:

    The version we have only features the (2) FXS ports. AudioCodes does have a MP202 with (2) FXS/ (1) FXO, but we do not currently carry it.

    However, our product description was wrong. I will fix that now – good catch – thanks for pointing it out!