AudioCodes FAX Adapter MP-202B HTTPSFAX

What Is It?

The AudioCodes Fax ATA MP-202B HTTPSFAX is an analog based fax machine and telephone adapter that allows your fax machine to connect to cloud-based fax service providers like eFax.

This analog telephone adapter (ATA) is the fax enabled version of a standard AudioCodes ATA and if you noticed the “HTTPS” in the full product name, that denotes the encrypted HTTP protocol keeping your transmissions secure.

What Does It Do?

The HTTPS Fax enabled MP-202B preserves the easy and familiar experience of the fax machine, so that users can eliminate the cost and hassle of a dedicated phone lines to their fax machine.

Receiving faxes as an email attachment works great and this adapter doesn’t change that.  The problem of how …

Digium_switchvoxIf you’re looking for technical help on how to fax with Switchvox, the helpful engineers at Digium have put together a primer to get you on your way.

Incoming Faxes

  • With the fax software installed, you can enter a default fax extension for each channel group or SIP provider so when faxes are received, they are routed to this extension.
  • You can set up an incoming call route so that one extension can handle both voice calls and faxes.
  • You can set up an incoming call route so that all activity on an extension is treated as a fax and sent to the same extension. This is useful if you want a dedicated incoming fax extension.

Outgoing Faxes

  • With the fax software installed, if

I was given the dubious task of comparing Digium vs. Sangoma PCI cards.  I probably would have been better off if I’d been tasked with “Who’s the bigger train wreck, Linsday Lohan or Charlie Sheen?” 

In both cases, it’s like comparing green apples to red ones.  Both have their good points and both have not so good points.

With that said, instead of giving my opinion on which is better, Digium or Sangoma (Not Lohan or Sheen!); I decided to list the pros and cons of each card manufacturer and you can derive your opinion from that.

Read on for the the Pros and Cons.…

Since you’re reading the VoIP Insider it likely that you’ve decided to embark on the road of implementing Voice over IP (VoIP) or already have.


Whether for reasons of cost, service availability, feature set, or ease of mobility, VoIP is a fantastic technology. However, it does have one major drawback that has been unreliable until recently, fax.

Who needs fax?

You may immediately question the need for fax.

Isn’t fax technology something from the past? Who really uses a fax machine anymore when we live in a world of “eFax”, scanners, and email?

Simply put, many people.

Fax is a secure method of document transmission that is still relied upon by many in the medical, legal, real estate, and other business fields. Well, no …

Looking for a reliable VoIP Fax Solution?

Wait no longer. The Sangoma Fax Sync Cable can help.

All of you VoIP engineers, installers and end users have heard it, “Keep your faxing off of your VoIP system

And for good reasons. Fax over IP historically works about 50% of the time, leaving most users scratching their heads as to why.

Let’s put it this way, when someone sends an email and the packets are interrupted, say one or two drop out, the email recipient simply sends a request to the sender, asking for the lost packets, the sender sends those packets again, the recipient re-arranges them and you have your email.

With VoIP on a SIP call, if packet loss occurs, the users …

Cisco is set to release the Cisco SPA8800 IP telephony gateway, featuring 4 ports of FXS and FXO connectivity. The Cisco SPA8800 is an affordable IP telephony gateway solution that is ideal for small business environments that have VoIP service and also require a connection to the public switched telephone network (PSTN). It can be used with existing analog telephones and teleconferencing equipment, enabling small business customers to protect and extend their investments.

The Cisco SPA8800 features four onboard RJ11 FXS ports for connecting converting analog endpoints such as phone or fax machines to IP. In addition, the Cisco SPA8800 has four onboard RJ11 FXO ports for integrating up to 4 traditional, analog POTS lines with a SIP based IP PBX, such as …

Fresh off their announcement of revamped, comprehensive support package offerings for open source Asterisk, Digium today has released Fax for Asterisk .

HUNTSVILLE, Ala.—April 6, 2009—Digium®, Inc., the Asterisk® Company, today announced Fax For Asterisk, a complete, cost-effective platform for the development of fax solutions. The offering provides Asterisk users and integrators a suite of user-friendly applications and a licensed version of the industry-leading fax modem software from Commetrex. To meet the demanding requirements of business users, Fax For Asterisk provides reliable faxing across the Internet and public switched telephone network (PSTN).

Asterisk is the most widely used open source telephony platform. The software is available free of charge and has been downloaded millions of times for use by individual developers and systems integrators creating

Well for those of you in the VoIP industry, and for those of you just starting to learn about it, you will hear many horror stories about VoIP and faxing. Often you will hear how unsuccessful it is, and some will hear more vulgar words in conjunction with it. But what if you had that magic wand to make it work? Would you trust it? Would you try it? To what extent would you try it before tossing it out the window? What if I told you that there is technology out there that can fix Faxing over VoIP that is notorious for not being successful and being the cause of many long days and even longer nights?

These are all questions that the great …

Rockbochs introducing Faxxbochs

RockBochs, Inc, creators of the popular Trixbox / Asterisk server Phonebochs, announced earlier this month its Fax over IP Solution, Faxxbochs.

About the Faxxbochs

“A truly reliable Fax over IP solution; This is not a simple ‘E-Fax’ service, but rather a solution that leverages your existing internet connection to provide a cost effective way to transmit and receive paper fax, provide fax to email functionality, automatic archival, with a full web-based management interface.” states Chad Behling, owner of RockBochs, Inc.

Read more about the offerings here: