First Look: Cisco SPA8800 Analog VoIP Gateway

June 1, 2009 by Garrett Smith

Cisco is set to release the Cisco SPA8800 IP telephony gateway, featuring 4 ports of FXS and FXO connectivity. The Cisco SPA8800 is an affordable IP telephony gateway solution that is ideal for small business environments that have VoIP service and also require a connection to the public switched telephone network (PSTN). It can be used with existing analog telephones and teleconferencing equipment, enabling small business customers to protect and extend their investments.

The Cisco SPA8800 features four onboard RJ11 FXS ports for connecting converting analog endpoints such as phone or fax machines to IP. In addition, the Cisco SPA8800 has four onboard RJ11 FXO ports for integrating up to 4 traditional, analog POTS lines with a SIP based IP PBX, such as Asterisk. In addition, the Cisco SPA8800 features a convenient amphenol connector interface on the back of the gateway which allows you to easily connect the unit to a telco punch-down block or mini RJ11 patch panel.



Please visit the VoIP Insider in coming weeks for more in-depth coverage of the Cisco SPA8800. The Cisco SPA8800 is currently available for purchase.







  • Looks good. The SPA8000 was effectively four PAP2s stuffed in one case plus a NAT router that was VoIP aware or at least had the proper ports forwarded, so this looks like the same thing but for the SPA3102. Should be very interesting for converting small key systems, centrex, or simple multi-line installations to IP.

  • More correctly to say that SPA8000 is for _SPA2102_ sticked together in one case because T.38 support

  • Osama Abu Halaweh

    How many user can work with SPA8000?

  • I just picked up one of these for testing with Asterisk. The product does not feel like the linksys/sipura products. This has a good solid weight to it. The call quality seems much better than spa3000/3102 for the fxo ports. The fxs ports seem the same though – not that they were bad in the first place. I have found sipura/linksys FXS device to be much better than the grandstreams ata’s, internal Digium FXS boards, and even better than the audiocodes FXS gateways.

  • Emad

    Has any one configured it in 3cx environment? If yes i might need your help!
    Thanks in advance.

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