Huawei TE30 all-in-one HD video conferencing solution
Huawei TE30 all-in-one HD video conferencing solution

What Is It?

The Huawei TE30 is a complete HD video conferencing system in one small package.

The camera, microphone, and codec are all built-in into the single unit you see pictured above which can be:

  • Wall mounted
  • Placed on top of a TV or monitor
  • Ceiling or wall mounted

What Does It Do?

The TE30 has some great intuitive and user-friendly features such as:

  • Voice Dialing:  Join a conference or make a call by simply talking to the TE30 in your native tongue; it recognizes multiple languages.  The built-in microphone has a range of about 20 feet (6 m).
  • Wi-Fi Access: Reduce the number of cords you need and expand the range of places you can install it with built-in Wi-Fi access.
  • Friendly Interface:  There’s a set-up wizard for first-time installations, an easy to use/maintain GUI, and there’s an LCD screen on the front of the device that displays the local site information.

The TE30 boasts an HD experience at a lower bandwidth with Video Motion Enhancement (VME) that delivers a clear picture, has facial recognition, adapts to lighting conditions, and can save up to 50% of your bandwidth consumption.

With interoperability, the TE30 can be used with your standard endpoints including integration with Microsoft Lync2010 and a host of 3rd party APIs.

Huawei TE30 has a built-in codec with all the inputs you need
Huawei TE30 has a built-in codec with all the inputs you need located on the back of the device.

Who Is It For?

The TE30 is designed for small and medium-sized conference rooms and its great for companies that don’t have a dedicated IT guy to install it for them. Huawei has tried to make the TE30 as simple as possible to install for anybody saying that “It takes just 1 cable and 5 minutes from unpacking to joining a video conference.”


The TE30 is currently in stock and available now. Call 800-398-8647 to speak with one our friendly VoIP Experts.



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