First Look: New Grandstream HT701 Analog Telephone Adapter

February 1, 2012 by Nathan Miloszewski

What is it?Grandstream HT701

The Grandstream HT701 is the next generation of analog telephone adapters (ATA) that’s designed primarily for VoIP users at home and on the road.

The new HT701 is replacing Grandstream’s HT286 ATA.

What does it do?

The Grandstream HT701 ATA adds T.38 protocol for managing faxes over your IP network.  Other main features include:

  • Ultra compact design (.98in H x 2.6in W x 3.38in L) with ultra-affordability.
  • Support 5 REN over up to 1km on 24 AWG line.
  • Caller ID for various countries, call waiting, do-no-disturb, 3-way conference, transfer, forward, message waiting, T.38 fax, flexible dial plan, multi-language voice prompt.
  • Voice codec support including G.711 with Annex I/II, G.729A/B, G.723.1, iLBC, G.726.
  • Strong encryption and security protection of  your voice and data privacy using TLS/SRTP/HTTPS plus secure and automated provisioning using TR069, HTTP/HTTPS/TFTP and AES encryption.

Who is it for?

The HT701 ATA is great if you have a single analog phone line that you’d like to convert to VoIP usage for your home or small to medium business (SMB).

In addition to that, if you are a telecommuter you’ll appreciate the HT701’s compact design for travelling and the inexpensive way this device allows conversion of standard analog phones, fax machines, and even conference phones to grant you access to IP-based phone services.


We have a limited number of units available for pre-order with general availability expected to occur in a few weeks.



  • Steve

    The 701 can be programmed so I only have to dial 7 digits when in my own area code, correct?

  • Correct.

    The HT701 allows dialing to local area code numbers by dialing 7 numbers and the area code will be added automatically.

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