Go On Take the Money and Run!!!!

June 2, 2008 by Garrett Smith

Wooo!!! Wooo!!! Wooo!!!

These are the classic lyrics from Take the Money and Run by the Steve Miller Band. Again, with me, it all goes back to a “bad jam.”

Often times this statement is the mantra and raison d’être for so many of my counterparts across the country who are in sales.

How many times have you had work done on your house, bought a new car or home, bought a new personal computer, or purchased some new audio/visual components for your family room or home theatre? We’ve all been there, right? Now how many times has the contractor or salesperson who sold you the goods or services called you back and checked if you are satisfied with your purchase? Off the top of my head I cannot think of any of my representatives with whom I’ve done business with over the years that have ever called me to check on my satisfaction. If I was not happy with something, usually I have to call them.

In other words, these folks took the money and ran!

For a person is sales, I would argue it all comes down to your mindset. I usually “plead the fifth.” Not the Fifth Amendment; the “fifth call.”

I will be calling you back a minimum of five times over the next 1-3 weeks after the sale to make sure of the following and provide this information:

  • Your order is shipping and to provide you with tracking
  • Your order was received with the correct product, complete, in-tact, and undamaged from shipping
  • To verify if you have all data sheets, install guides and related links to successfully deploy
  • To get your feedback on the deployment as to further my knowledge of the product and provide you with additional support if necessary
  • To thank you for doing business with my company and reiterate my availability and desire to help you in the future

For those of you in sales, consider the benefits of what I just shared with you the next time you stuff your pocket and wave bye-bye.

For those of you dissatisfied with your current suppliers of any service or goods, ask yourself who asks you this question? How can I help you today and tomorrow?

Give me a call at extension 1992 or write me an e-mail at [email protected]. It would be my pleasure.

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