Grandstream Webinar Q&A: Is there a fee for using Grandstream Cloud Management?

April 26, 2018 by Ying-Hui Chen

A lot of great questions came up during the Grandstream GWN webinar this past Tuesday. We want to share the answers with all of you who may have the same questions. If you missed the webinar, don’t forget to check out the presentation deck to learn more!

Question 1: The Grandstream Cloud Management is free “as of today”.  Will there be a fee in the future?

Answer: We don’t know yet, but we will continue having a free plan.


Question 2: Will the Cloud be extended to control the Router as well as the Access Points?

Answer: The is designed to manage APs but we may add the router and other Grandstream product in a near future.


Question 3: When creating a wireless bridge, let’s say between buildings, using the 7600LR, what is the maximum distance between the LRs?

Answer: It is 600 Mts (1800 Ft) but due to the nature you may want to reduce it to avoid physical elements that obstruct the signal.


Question 4: Are you planning to implement WPA3 support any time soon?

Answer: Yes, but no ETA at the moment. It is on our roadmap.


Question 5: On the router, what is the throughput of the OpenVPN?

Answer: We recently improved this spec in latest FW, the new spec will be available soon


Question 6: For testing the new WiFi SIP phone would you suggest the best environment would use these AP’s rather than a 3rd party AP?

Answer: We always recommend using the same brand. Grandstream is recognized for providing a hole solution as an added value. Our WP800 will support 3rd party AP’s for sure

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