How Does NetCarrier Cloud Solution Help Businesses Communicate? (Webinar Recap)

July 23, 2019 by Ying-Hui Chen

Did you miss Netcarrier’s informational webinar today? Don’t worry, here’s the recap! During the webinar. Laura Bella from NetCarrier discussed the services provided by netcarrier including hosted PBX, SD-WAN failover and so more. Their cloud solution is highly scalable with predictable monthly charges. Download the presentation slides here for more details!

Laura also highlighted their latest promotion which gives you 1 free month of nCloud Contact Center Lite seats on qualifying orders. Contact Joe at [email protected] or 716-531-4316 to take advantage of it!

NetCarrier Webinar Q&A Session  

Q: How many site visits do you do for a standard deployment?

A: Usually 3 site visits for the site survey, installation, etc. It depends on how many users you have and whether you need a higher level of deployment support.

Q: Do you use a fax portal for outbound faxing?

A: Yes, we do have electronic fax service you can use to fax out documents. You will get the email through our fax portal.

Q: Why would a customer want Contact Center Enterprise over Contact Center Lite?

A: The Contact Center Lite is designed for small business users who don’t need advanced functions such as the chat function and report but still want functions like receptionist to have a more organized approach for an incoming call. Contact Center Enterprise, on the other hand, offers features such as CRM and the ability to handle the higher call volume.  

Q: Where can you deploy services?

A: Anywhere in the USA.

Q: How involved do I need to be in the implementation process?

A: This is up to you, the partner. Some partners like to be part of the whole process; others just want to have a single point of contact.

Q: Is there a mobile-only user for someone that doesn’t need a desk phone?

A: Yes, a lot of customers like real estate agents don’t have a physical office and they can use mobile with no desk phone.

Q: How flexible can you be with pricing?

A: NetCarrier already has built-in promotions. Based on the quantity you have, we make sure the pricing is competitive. If you are looking for additional discounts, we need to understand the competitive situation. We are open to looking into to see if we can offer more for your specific case.

Q: Do you provide support for customer demos?

A: Yes, if you would like us to do a webinar for your potential customers, it’s possible! It depends on how big the deal is, we might be able to do onsite meetings. We are at Philadelphia. Pennsylvania. 

Learn more about NetCarrier services on our website! If you have further questions, please contact Joe at [email protected] or 716-531-4316.


  • Mike Gwynne

    The presents audio was so bad I ended up cancelling the presentation .

    • Hi Mike,

      We apologize that the audio quality is not great. Unfortunately, we can’t do anything to adjust this recording. If you want to learn more about NetCarrier’s solutions, you can also get to our webpage at or give our VoIP experts a call at 1-800-398-8647.

      Thank you,

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