How to Find a Missing VVX D230 Wireless Handset

January 17, 2020 by Ying-Hui Chen

Did you misplace your DECT handset again? If you are using the VVX D230 handset, you will be able to locate it with ease! 

How to Find a Missing VVX D230 Wireless Handset

As long as your VVX D230 handset is within the range, it’s easy to locate your handset. Indoors, a VVX D230 handset can be located up to 165 feet away from the base station. Outdoors, it can be located up to 980 feet away. Simply press “Find” on the base station, the handset will ring until answered.

That’s it! Did you find your wireless handset? Learn more VVX D230 features here. Don’t forget to also  join our upcoming Poly webinar to learn more about the D230 handset!

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