How to Protect Your Phone System with an SBC

October 12, 2020 by Ying-Hui Chen

If you still think only having firewalls would be enough to protect your phone system, you are really putting your system at risk! Firewalls were not designed for VoIP traffic, therefore, they don’t understand the SIP protocol and routing needs to provide proper protection. In our Session Border Controllers (SBCs) webinar with Sangoma, we demonstrated why having an SBC is crucial to your business. Here’s a quick flashback:

Download the Presentation Slides Here to Learn More

How Does SBC Apply to Remote Workers

As remote working became a new normal, cybersecurity is now more important than ever! An SBC allows access to authorized endpoints on remote worker premises. This eliminates interoperation and firewall issues on corporate and remote worker networks, maintain security.

With an SBC, your system is able to detect and handle any attacks, adding an additional layer of control and protection. 

3 Top Benefits of Sangoma SBCs

Sangoma’s SBCs are one of the most popular SBC options at VoIP Supply for a reason! While there are a ton of benefits we want to share with you, let’s start from these top three advantages:

  • Ease of Installation and Use
    • Simple Licensing
    • Straight Forward Configuration for Complex Solutions
  • Security: Numerous features such as IDS/IPS, ACL, Filtering and more
  • Flexibility in Deployments
    • Robust Routing
    • High Availability solutions
    • Flexible network deployment configurations

Contact one of our VoIP consultants today to learn more about our SBCs! Or visit Sangoma’s SBC pages to learn more features and benefits!

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