Session Border Controllers

About Sangoma Session Border Controllers

For enterprises, Sangoma offers three different SBC models. The Vega Enterprise SBC Appliance can manage up to 500 simultaneous sessions. The Vega Enterprise SBC VM/Software system can manage up to 200 simultaneous sessions with all the flexibility expected from a VM-ready solution. The Vega Enterprise SBC VM/Hybrid is a unique Sangoma solution that delivers the benefits of a VM solution with the scalability of competitors' large hardware solutions. The Hybrid SBC can scale to manage 4,000 sessions in a single VM instance.

Sangoma Session Border Controllers are the most cost-effective, easiest to provision, and easiest-to-manage line of enterprise SBCs on the market. Sangoma offers three available options for maximum flexibility when selecting a solution.

For carriers, the NetBorder Carrier SBC has the same easy-to-use feature set and GUI but can scale up to 4,000 sessions in a single chassis. Plus, it has the carrier-grade hardware features that carriers demand, including available dual AC or DC power and Raid-1 Solid State Drive.

Why buy Sangoma SBCs?

  • Browser-based GUI for easier provisioning and management
  • Security and QOS for Enterprise Networks
  • DoS/DDoS Attack Protection
  • Network Interconnect Point for SIP Trunking
  • Topology Hiding for Fraud Protection
  • VoIP Supply is an authorized Sangoma Distributor
Sangoma has set up a status page,, to better serve the customer’s needs. This status page will provide real-time updates and information on the status of all Sangoma products and services, including outages, maintenance, and more.
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