Meet Our Newest Addition to The VoIP Insider!

January 23, 2007 by Garrett Smith

Meet Arlyn E. Pifer

arlyn pifer

Garrett Smith, approached me about creating a blog that had to deal with VOIP in the government and education sectors. I am not now, nor will I ever claim to be the expert in this particular filed, or any other field for that matter, but if you care to come along for the journey, maybe we can identify additional opportunities or learn something together. It is my intention to provide editorials and commentary and to locate and announce some useful websites. In addition, any articles or commentary of interest will be posted. I’ll also relay some of the cool implementations of voip in those sectors. Feel free to join in and trust me on this one, I have been accused of having Teflon skin more than once in my life – if you disagree or have a varying point of view – express it – just use some semblance of support for it!!

I am currently involved as an VoIP PBX Consultant with PBXSelect, LLC. One of my other roles is to develop the GovEd opportunities for our company. PBXSelect is a sister company of, but focuses on the IP-PBX product offerings. Prior to joining this company, I have held various sales and sales management positions in the information technology industry. Even had the opportunity to work at stops of the supply chain as well. Manufacturing, wholesale distribution, reselling, (VAR and Retail) and have also been an end-user, (since 1984). My undergrad degree is in Accounting from Valparaiso University and I received my MBA from Colorado State University.

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