Where’s the money in wireless VoIP? Part 2

February 18, 2009 by Garrett Smith

It might be tough for you to imagine today’s school environment. You’ve probably been out of school for years.

Even if you’re blessed to have children your parent teacher conferences and open houses often give little insight into one of the biggest problems facing America’s schools – overcrowding.

Today school enrollment is growing faster than space can be built. The halls are packed like a DSL line trying to handle a handful of simultaneous calls.

Most new teachers are no longer assigned a room. They’re nomads – roaming the halls with their classroom on wheels.

There isn’t much that you can do to alleviate the congestion. For that you simply need bigger schools.

But there is something that you can do about one of the largest issues facing today’s nomadic educator. And that’s where opportunity (and money) lies in wireless VoIP.

Like any organization communication is always an issue within a school. But getting a hold of someone takes on a new meaning when they have no physical presence. How exactly do you reach that nomadic educator?

You can’t pop into their classroom – they don’t have one.

You can’t call them – they have no phone.

Track them down. Send them an email you might be thinking. Well, it not that easy and like you most don’t have the time to tirelessly track someone down. Getting a hold of someone should be “easy.”

The solution?

Equip these nomadic educators with wireless VoIP phones.

Almost all schools have a network. Most schools have at least partial wireless network access. Getting a wireless VoIP phone into their hands configured to work in conjunction with their existing phone system or even in a peer-to-peer manner is well within the reach of most school districts.

You could create a nice little packaged solution for educational entities of all sizes featuring the QuickPhones QA-342 wireless VoIP phone and wireless infrastructure. The solution would be designed to help foster greater communication and accessibility across the district through the use of wireless VoIP.

You can even get marketing funds to help launch your efforts through the QuickPhones channel program. You’d also find some additional pull through on other services once you got your foot in the door with this problem solving offering.

There’s money in wireless VoIP. It’s roaming around schools across the nation.

One teacher, one classroom might be a thing of the past. Why don’t you make one teacher, one phone the future?

This is part 2 in a multi-part series on where the opportunity and money is in wireless VoIP.

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