Nortel partners with SIPFoundry to offer first OPEN standards Unified Communications Platform

January 28, 2010 by Garrett Smith

That’s right, I said it, and yes you heard me correctly, Nortel has finally seen the need to address the growing need to get OFF proprietary equipment and move to a more open standards based platform offering.

While most of us in the Voice over IP world are already accustomed to this, me personally, from day one, I always have noticed the added benefits of using an open-source telephony platform over any proprietary based platform, any day of the week, hands-down. It’s a no-brainer. The idea of using any SIP-Based IP endpoint on a solution gives you the ability to meet everyone’s need from a function ability standpoint, price standpoint, and overall maintenance and upgrades or better put, ease of use. So I say to you Nortel, thank you…it’s about time….

Recently, Nortel’s partnership with SIPFoundry and their open-source application sipXecs, has allowed Nortel to venture into waters they have never gone before. Nortel SCS, A software based Unified communication platform (derived from sipXecs open-source software) is now available and now permits its users to use any SIP based endpoint. As Nortel puts it:
“Because SCS is based entirely on SIP, it is fully interoperable with SIP-based products and applications in the industry. Say good-bye to vendor lock-in and hello to building custom solutions that perfectly meet your unique business requirements.”

Furthermore, Nortel even offers full tech support on most Polycom SoundPoint IP Phone models and Audiocodes Mediapack and Mediant gateways.

SCS is a software based Unified Communication platform designed by Nortel that encompasses all of the “bells and whistles” such as integration with softphones, presence and IM, Voice and Video conferencing, Unified messaging, and much more. This is Nortels first “OPEN” platform.

So you may be wondering, how do I purchase this solution, well VoIPSupply currently does not offer any Nortel hardware or software offerings.

You can however, find your SIP-Based endpoints from VoIPSupply. Give us a call and speak to one of our dedicated sales representative on your solution and needs.


  • Geoff Van Brunt

    Actually, Nortel filed for Chapter 11 and all assets have been sold off. The division that had SCS in it was sold to Avaya. They now sell SCS etc. Avaya has stated it’s commitment to contiune the project so it is alive and well.

  • chris heinrich


    Thanks for correcting me. While most of the SCS info can be found on Nortel webpages, Nortel was purchased by Avaya who, as you have stated, is keeping this dream a reality. So instead of contacting Nortel, you should be contacting Avaya.

  • chris heinrich

    I guees you could say, maybe Nortel was little too….late, per say to push this “open” solution to market… I am not saying SCS would have saved them… but the SCS is a very attractive solution.

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