Sangoma FAXStation Frequently Asked Questions

March 21, 2018 by Ying-Hui Chen

The Sangoma FAXStation webinar was a blast! We appreciate the great interactions with our audience. We’d like to share the questions and answered that being discussed during the webinar with you.

Also, don’t forget to join our next Sangoma webinar: User Control Panel on April 5th, 2018!

Sangoma FAXStation Frequently Asked Questions

Question1: Can I port or spoof my Fax number to Sangoma’s FAXStation?

Answer: Yes, you absolutely can port numbers over, however, spoofing is not allowed. Click here to learn how the number porting works:

Question2: Is FAXStation just for the USA or can it accommodate international FAX DID’s? Can FAXs be sent to international numbers or just within the USA/ North America?

Answer: Canada is the only international country where we can accommodate DIDs and also the only place we can send international faxes.

Question3: How many FAXStation appliances can I have at one location?

Answer: As many as you have room for!

Question4: How many ports can FAXStation appliances handle?

Answer: 1-4 ports

Have more questions? Contact our VoIP expert, Brian Hyrek, at [email protected] or 716-531-4318!

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