End of Year Tax Tips for Small Businesses from Barbara Weltman and Digium

December 31, 2013 by Nathan Miloszewski

Our open-source friends at Digium hosted a webinar that’s perfect for small businesses looking for end-of-year tax tips.

This recorded webinar features Barbara Weltman, a leading small business tax expert who is a best selling author, speaker, and radio host who has been seen on MSNBC and in the Wall Street Journal and U.S. News and World Reports.

Section 179 Deduction and Money Saving Tips

In the webinar Weltman covers the Section 179 deduction and gives tips for saving your business money:

Your business deserves a break…and a few extra deductions! With healthcare costs exploding and the general cost of business rising at an unhealthy rate, you need to understand how to keep more of the dollars you earned in 2013.

Join leading small business tax expert, Barbara Weltman, in this live webinar and discover how to put end-of-year tax savings opportunities to work for your business. Hurry! Some deductions, like Section 179, will decrease dramatically in 2014. Time is ticking to make every dollar count!

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