Snow Shovel Thief vs. Video Surveillance Installer

February 15, 2011 by Nathan Miloszewski

It’s been a rough winter for a lot of people around the country.  Snow, ice, and challenging commutes can put everyone on edge.  

If you want to relieve some of this weather induced stress by sharing in someone elses misery then consider,  what happens when you steal a snow shovel from a video surveillance installer’s porch?

From the Wall Street Journal article As Weather Worsens, So Do Manners:

Last week, during a storm that dumped nearly two feet of the white stuff on Chicago, someone took David Welles’s snow shovel from his front porch. The security cameras Mr. Welles keeps trained on his house showed a woman grabbing the shovel and using it to dig out her sedan.

The woman, whom he didn’t know, eventually spent more than three hours clearing her vehicle.

She didn’t return the shovel.

So Mr. Welles, who owns a company that installs video-surveillance systems, served up revenge of a distinctly chilled variety. In a video he posted on YouTube, he spent half an hour with a gas-powered blower flinging snow onto her car.

Mr. Welles video, The Quadrilogy of My Favorite Snow Shovel, is on Youtube with over 700,000 views.

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