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What are the Topics?

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  • Dec. 5, 2017           PBXact Cloud: Setup and Installation
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  • Dec. 19, 2017         PBXact Cloud: Daily Operations
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  • Jan. 16, 2018          Securing your VoIP Solution Part 1- Ended Sign Me Up Now!
  • Feb. 6, 2018           Securing your VoIP Solution Part 2
  • – Ended

  • Feb. 20, 2018         Zulu: Much More Than a Softphone
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  • March 6, 2018       SIPStation: What is it and How is it Used?
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  • March 20, 2018     FaxStation: Faxing Without a Fax Machine
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  • April 5, 2018          User Control Panel for PBXact Cloud and FreePBX
  • April 26, 2018        Sangoma Solutions: How do They All Connect?


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foipFaxing has been the nemesis of VoIP systems for as long as VoIP has been a thing. If you had a good VoIP vendor in the past, they would generally recommend you stick to a landline, or PRI for your fax services. That was because faxing over protocols like SIP had proven to be completely unreliable due to the fickle nature of faxing over a best effort architecture. Even with the advent of T.38, faxing still was a problem child for many.

Enter FoIP, or Fax over IP. Specifically, Sangoma’s iteration of FoIP, which actually works. I believe we live in a time where things should just work, and we should stop dealing with custom problems born from custom solutions. Sangoma offers Fax Station, which is a service within SIP Station where you can turn on fax service, order DIDs, and order your FAXStation appliance.

How Does FAXStation Work?

What’s nice is the FAXStation appliance is a plug-and-play solution that allows you to use your existing fax machines. How does that even work? Well, think of it as a FXS gateway with a little Sangoma magic on the inside. You request the appliance from the SIP Station portal, and the device ships to you ready to go. Plug it into your network, and plug your analog fax machines into the FXS ports and you’re ready to go.

Sangoma claims analog line equivalent reliability, and the reason for that all of the heavy lifting (fax wise) occurs at Sangoma’s data center. The inbound fax arrives there first via ISDN/SIP, then the data (the fax) is then sent your FAXStation appliance via SSL which is what guarantees the reliability. It’s also a nice bonus that it’s encrypted.

The appliance comes equipped with up to four analog ports for fax machines, and two ethernet ports. You also have the ability to do custom branding if you are selling these to your own customers. Custom branding is something Sangoma also does for it’s FreePBX product.

Do you need a fast connection to the internet?

sipstationNope, you won’t be relying on best effort protocols when moving the fax over the internet. In fact, it works well with satellite services, which may be the only means of communication in remote areas of the world.

You might be wondering, why you wouldn’t want to just stick with your existing landline, or PRI? Well price is the first consideration, and also those dedicated circuit type products are rapidly becoming extinct. EoIP (everything over IP, don’t try and pronounce that) is the way of the present, and you should get with the times.

What does it all cost?

If you have a SIPStation account, which you SHOULD if you run a FreePBX phone system, you can see for yourself. If you’re not willing to look right now I’ll tell you. Expect the appliance to have a one time cost of $190.00 USD, high volume faxing ( a massive 3000 pages per month) will set you back $24.00 a month, and 150 pages per month will cost $9.95 USD per month. Compare that with your recurring analog or PRI bill!

It’s also worth mentioning that FAXStation allows you to do inbound fax to email, as well as outbound faxing via a web portal that supports multi-user, and access control.   

If faxing is critical to your business or organization, give Sangoma’s FoIP solution, FAXStation a chance. Thanks for reading and happy VoIPing!

Check out FAXStation by Sangoma

Well for those of you in the VoIP industry, and for those of you just starting to learn about it, you will hear many horror stories about VoIP and faxing. Often you will hear how unsuccessful it is, and some will hear more vulgar words in conjunction with it. But what if you had that magic wand to make it work? Would you trust it? Would you try it? To what extent would you try it before tossing it out the window? What if I told you that there is technology out there that can fix Faxing over VoIP that is notorious for not being successful and being the cause of many long days and even longer nights?

These are all questions that the great VoIP thinkers at Sangoma have put onto the drawing board and now have come up with a solution: The Sangoma Faxing Synch Cable. This was first introduced to us by Konrad Hammel, a Field Applications Engineer with Sangoma that visited VoIP Supply for Training on the newest PCI cards.

Wondering how it works, and what you need for a near flawless success rate?

Well let’s start off with an IP PBX. The Phonebochs appliance, trixbox appliance, or a blank chassis using Plain Jane Asterisk will do to start.

From there, PCI cards. More Specifically Sangoma analog and digital PCI cards. Which ones you ask? Well you will need two of them. A digital PCI card, like the A101D, or A102D (T1 Digital PCI card), and then an Analog card to hook your fax machine up to. (A20100D (2 Port FXS), A20200D (4 Port FXS)) Cards are good, but you can go to a bigger FXS card if you wish. The only limit to the amount of ports is that of your IP PBX and its limitations; however I do recommend using echo cancelation on both cards, and trust me, it is well worth it.


From here it doesn’t look like anything special–some of you may already have this and could possibly be drooling at this setup because it is easy. Well there is one more piece. And at this point you are probably thinking that it will be expensive and that now it’s not worth it to read on, but please keep reading, because what I am about to tell you will blow you away. The key to this is only $10. That’s right, for $10 you can have a near perfect success rate with LITTLE configuration of the cards and codecs. But how do you use it? Well this small cable will connect to a two prong section on the top of the Digital card, then the other end will hook up to a similar spot on the Analog card. From there, the cable will automatically start the synch and make it work. That’s it. Go figure. For decades this has been hindering businesses, and all it took was a small cable to fix it.