Over the years, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has drawn a wide interest from all walk of life which also includes the hospitality industry. Your hotel might already know that a VoIP system is a more cost-effective communication solution, however, the cost-saving benefits brought by Hosted PBX are actually just the beginning. Let’s find out the three main ways Cloud PBX reshapes how hospitality industry communicates.

A Cloud-Based Solution: Everything is Connected

As the Internet of Things (IoT) moves the world towards a decentralized network system that connects people with more things around the world, Cloud PBX also plays an important role to connect your guests with their devices and more services.

A Cloud-based PBX connects your guests’ devices such as room phones, keycards, software and valuable databases to the Cloud to enhance the customer experiences. With a connected system, improving productivity and management capabilities for better guest experiences and customer loyalty has become a breeze!

By collecting and sharing data across all points of contact such as check-in lobby, guest rooms, mobile apps, the Cloud PBX solution also provides you with critical business insights to take actions on an continue to grow.


Integrates into Existing Infrastructures

Integrating Cloud PBX services into an existing infrastructure is now simpler than ever before. There are multiple Cloud PBX solutions designed for seamless PBX integration and superior performance especially in the areas of network security interoperability & connectivity to ensure your transition to a VoIP system is as smooth as possible.


Advanced Hospitality Phone Features

One of the biggest advantages of a Hosted PBX solution is the advanced features it offers. From check-in/out, wake-up calls, to room status and call billing, Cloud PBX solutions come with superior, useful phone features to enrich your guest experience and work efficiency. In this competitive hospitality industry and high customer expectation ear, these phone features would really make you stand out in the crowd and bring values to both your hotel and your customers!

See some of the popular features:

  • Guest name applied to extension
  • Guest extension voicemail reset
  • Disable outbound calls on extension
  • Log calls from each room and show call costs
  • Do not Disturb
  • Allow housekeeping to set room status via their mobile phone
  • Compatible with most popular PMX system
  • See more features

Is your hotel using a Cloud PBX system? How does your hotel benefit from using VoIP? Share with us! A hosted VoIP solution has a lot more benefits await you to explore. Visit our site to learn more or simply give one of our VoIP experts a call at 1-800-398-8647 for a free consultation today!

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VoIP Supply, North America’s Leading VoIP Solutions Provider, has been awarded the Editors’ Retail Choice Award for its Comprehensive Telephony Marketplace from Deal Crunch. Since 2002, VoIP Supply has provided expert knowledge to the VoIP industry and its customers. It has also provided unmatched product availability to over 125,000 customers worldwide. It is the company’s mission to provide the highest level of service to all customers, while ensuring they are educated on the solutions they are purchasing.

“We pride ourselves on choosing the perfect solution for our customers, we listen to the needs of our customer and fit them with the ideal hardware and service,” said Mary Cheney, Marketing Supervisor at VoIP Supply.

While VoIP Supply is known for its telephony hardware, the company is shifting its focus to hosted solutions. Aiming to aid businesses to transition into services that provide savings in resources, capital and IT time.

“That is why our slogan is ‘everything that you need for VoIP.’ With hosted solutions becoming more predominant in the industry, we’ve adjusted our focus to better support customers,” Mary said.

VoIP Supply’s dedication to customers begins with a company culture rooted in a sense of family, togetherness, and service that goes beyond the telephone. That commitment, and a vast selection of hardware and services, has earned VoIP Supply our Editor’s Retail Choice Award™ for its Comprehensive Telephony Marketplace.

toshiba-directionSince Toshiba announced their decision to wind-down their Telecommunication Systems Division (TSD), effective immediately, a lot of people are searching for alternative solutions to replace their current phone system. If you don’t have any replacement plans yet, don’t panic! Our VoIP specialists are here to give you some directions.


What are the Alternative Options to Toshiba Phone Systems?

Since Toshiba phone systems are all proprietary, switching out the system will involve replacing the entire phone system. This, understandably can seem like a daunting endeavor but seriously don’t panic! You can also see this as an opportunity to make a change for your business. Our VoIP specialists have come up with a three-step process below to help you find the best replacement option for your business.


Step One: List Out Your Requirements

Examine your business needs and list the requirements that must be met by the new phone system you are switching to.


Step Two: Plan Your Budget

How much capital expenditure do you plan to spend? Do you want to maintain your own PBX or go to the Cloud? Do you want to have custom applications? Do you have an on-site IT staff? All of these are questions that you must answer in order to assure that you are shopping for the best phone system for your business.


Step Three: Choose Your Ideal Type of VoIP System

There are basically two main types of VoIP systems available: Cloud Hosted VoIP and On-Premise VoIP.


Usually, for small to medium-sized businesses with a limited budget, a hosted VoIP system would be ideal since the service provider will provide most of the maintenance, which means you don’t need to have an on-site IT staff. Additionally, only a limited amount of VoIP hardware is required to get your system up and running, therefore, the upfront costs are relatively low.

For larger enterprises that desire customization, an on-premise VoIP system will give you more flexibility and independence. Although this option requires higher upfront costs to purchase the required VoIP equipment, it’s a great long-term investment as you own the equipment and save from the low monthly rates; however, we highly recommend checking out a hosted option as well. You will also benefit from the high scalability, customized applications, and migration support. See a variety of the on-premise solutions here.


If you are still not sure where to start or you are concerned about your specific business situation, VoIP Supply’s CloudSpan MarketPlace is a great place to direct you to the best solution. If you’re interested in moving your system to a safer and more reliable solution, fill out the form below or dial 800-305-1427 to receive a free consultation with up to 3 potential VoIP service solutions from some of the most popular service providers on the market!

7 Reasons to Switch to VoIP Service (1)

The decision of moving your phone system over to VoIP sometimes does not come easy and may inherit some speed bumps along the way. Here are 7 reasons why you should take the time to move over to a VoIP phone system.

Check out these benefits with a short description of each.

Reason #1

Less Expensive Phone Service

VoIP Service allows you to drop your old telephone service, reduce long distance costs and offer plans that allow you to only pay for what you use.

Reason #2


VoIP service brings such features as call routing, voicemail to email, advanced call reporting and call presence. Also, the outward appearance won’t change much to your users and that will ease the transition and learning period of the phone system.

Reason #3

High Flexibility

Whether you need to work from home or are out on a business trip you can log in to your business phone system remotely and receive all the benefits as if you were sitting right in your office. When you make calls you can appear to be calling from the same number and you will be able to dial extensions to reach coworkers.


Reason #4

Slow Implementation – Test it out on part of your system

There is no need to make the big switch all at once. With a VoIP Service you have the option to slowly transition your business phone system. Once you try it out with a few extensions/users you can decide to move forward or stick with your current system.

Reason #5

Eliminate phone wiring

Your VoIP phone system will use your existing internet cabling. Since you can drop your current telephone provider you have the choice to remove cabling in your building.

Reason #6


With a business phone system you have to ability to add/remove users very simply. When your business is growing you need to add/replace employees rapidly and this type of business phone system allows it to happen with ease.

Reason #7

Easier to manage because of web/GUI based configuration interface

An IP PBX can be managed via a web-based configuration interface or a GUI, allowing you to easily maintain and fine tune your phone system.

I hope the reasons help to alleviate your worries about making the switch to VoIP. If you ever have additional please contact us at 1-800-398-8647 or voipexperts@voipsuppy.com.

Confused about where to start when choosing what VoIP solution is right for you? We are here to help!

The CloudSpan MaketPlace by VoIP Supply was created to make your life easier, by setting you up with one of our VoIP Cloud Service Specialists. They will seamlessly guide you to the perfect VoIP solution to fit your businesses needs. One of the big questions you will need to answer is if you want a hosted or on-site system. This can be a difficult decision, so to help you decide we have broken down the key features of each solution.

hosted and onsite system

Once you make the choice between a hosted or on-site solution, it’s a fairly easy process. Our VoIP Solutions Specialist will guide you through the next couple of steps and when you are done, you will have the perfect VoIP Solution that will fit your business needs. It’s seriously that easy! So what are you waiting for? Fill out our consultation form or give one of our specialists a call today!


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CloudSpan Marketplace Image

The CloudSpan Marketplace by VoIP Supply is here to provide you with a single place to shop various cloud service offerings, in order to help you find the perfect match for your business’s size and needs.

We have trained our VoIP Solution Specialists inside and out about everything there is to offer for your business phone system.

We understand the process can be difficult and frustrating at points. We wanted to give you an idea of what the process will look like for you when you work with us.

Step One:

Access the CloudSpan Marketplace

You’re shopping for your VoIP Service Solution and come upon the CloudSpan Marketplace by VoIP Supply. You can either fill out the form on the page to be contacted by a Solutions Specialist or you can call directly in at 1.800.398.VoIP.

Step Two:


Our VoIP Solutions Specialist will offer you a consultation about your home or business. Some of the typical questions are:

  • How many employees do you have in your office?
  • Would you consider your business to have a heavy call volume? Maybe we can take a look at one of your old phone bills to get an idea.
  • What type of call features are must-haves for you?
  • Do you have the staff on hand to maintain a phone system?

It’s very okay to not have all the answers that is what we are here for. We have trained our Solutions Specialists to be able to handle all inquiries.

Step Three:

Choose the type of service

We will help you decide between a Hosted VoIP Service or an On-Site Phone System. We take you through different questions about your business and staff that will help us to determine which service is best for you.

Step Four:

Select the best fitting plan

Once we have the proper service now it is time to choose the right plan for you. We want to make sure that you are not overpaying for features that you don’t need or would never use.

We also employ a money back guarantee at the CloudSpan Marketplace. If the plan that we decide on doesn’t fit you we will refund you fully and get you set up with the proper plan.

A brief overview of the CloudSpan Marketplace

Step Five:

We also have the VoIP hardware you need

We understand your time is valuable and you may not have the time to go research someone else to work with. We can offer you all the hardware you may need; VoIP Phones, VoIP Headsets, etc.. Depending on the service you choose we will get you set up with the appropriate affordable hardware for your office situation.

Step Six:

Switching from the old to the new phone system

We have chosen your service, set up the appropriate monthly plan, selected the necessary hardware and now it is time for the switch over. This can be painful, but that is why we are here. We will be with you every step of the way to make sure phone numbers are switch properly and all your services and plans are in place when you’re ready to flip the switch.

Step Seven:

We aren’t going anywhere

After the installation of your new phone system we understand issues pop up and questions arise. We are still here for you. Your VoIP Solutions Specialist is always just one phone call away to help you with any needs you may have.


VoIP Supply has been the leading hardware supplier for over 13 years and has truly perfected the buying experience for our customers. We knew we were missing a piece of the puzzle and we have expanded our team to fill the gap for our customers. We are now able to offer you VoIP Service!

CloudSpan Marketplace

We would like to officially introduce to you the CloudSpan Marketplace. “The Marketplace is a single place to shop various cloud service offerings, in order to find the perfect match for their business’s size and needs,” said Wes Mathews, Director of Cloud Services.


Here are a few of the benefits when working with the CloudSpan Marketplace:

  • Dedicated VoIP Solutions Specialists at your fingertips
  • Service Providers that are aligned with VoIP Supply’s trusted core values
  • Multiple providers to fit a range of different customer deployments
  • One stop solution for Service and Hardware at VoIP Supply


Dedicated VoIP Solution Specialists

Our VoIP Solutions Specialists are educated on multiple service providers to make sure each and every customer is paired correctly. We are confident each and every customer is getting everything they want and only paying for exactly what they need.

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Is Hosted Service Right For You?

Along with all types of call features, remote worker attributes and admin features each service provider we are working with offers the option of SIP trunking or Hosted Service for our customers. A hosted solution takes all the burden off of you, the customer. Let the service provider handle setup, troubleshooting and minimal hardware requirements in your office.

Internet Phone Lines

Also known as SIP Trunks, this could be a solution option for you. These are best suited for someone that would like responsibility for all aspects of their phone system. We suggest this solution for offices with a well versed and sizable IT staff.


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