The Fanvil X210: An Elegant Enterprise Phone Packed with Features!

May 31, 2019 by Steve Lopian



It’s no secret that we are all big fans of Fanvil here at VoIP Supply. Being that we are an official distributor of their products, we feel obligated to test and get to know each one of their phones inside and out, and honestly, it’s a lot of fun.

One IP phone in particular that we have been waiting to get our hands on to test is their new flagship phone, the X210!  This phone is massive! It is packed with 3 color screens and really targets the executive user.

Playing around with this phone in our own VoIP lab proved to not only be very informative, but also very exciting! In fact, we learned so much, that we didn’t want to just tell you about it, we wanted to take it one step further…

So, we decided to write this blog after getting our hands on the Fanvil X210, but that still wasn’t enough! We asked ourselves: what would be the best way to let our customers know just how awesome and unique this phone is? Naturally, we decided on creating a product review video!

This video showcases some of the features of the phone that we found to be most impressive.  One example would be its hotspot feature! Much like a satellite, this feature allows the X210 to distribute phone calls to other phones in your office without using a phone system!  Crazy, right? I know.

But the Fanvil X210’s hotspot feature is only the tip of the iceberg! Want to see everything else this elegant enterprise phone has to offer? Then watch our product review video above! We think you’ll be extremely impressed with this latest offering from Fanvil.

Do you already own a Fanvil X210? How has your experience been as a user? Let us know in the comments below! We want to hear from you!


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