The Fanvil X7 IP Phone: Elegance Meets Functionality

July 18, 2019 by Steve Lopian

Being in the VoIP industry for as long as I have, you tend to see a lot of phones.  One of the perks of being with the team at VoIP Supply is that not only do you see most of the new phone releases from manufacturers, but we also get to test and play with these VoIP phones in our VoIP lab!

While most phones that have been released recently are rather stunning, there is one specific phone that caught my eye (and my attention) while tooling around in the lab.  That phone is none other than the Fanvil X7 executive IP phone.

These days, it’s no surprise that features like Bluetooth and HD audio are a common thing, but it IS refreshing to see a phone with those features and a screen this large.  Topping off at 7 inches, the X7’s touch screen is also filled with vibrant color, and most importantly, it’s easy to navigate.

I could go on and on about even more of the features the X7 has, like the 20 SIP lines, and the 127 DSS key entries, or even how economic and environmentally friendly it is!  But why not just show you?

So instead of me rambling on and on for this blog post, we decided to tell you in a video, where you can learn all about this beautiful phone while gazing (and maybe drooling) at all of its majestic good looks, features and functionality!

As always, if you are looking for more information, you can also check out the Fanvil X7 here!  Do you already own an X7? Or perhaps another Fanvil IP phone? What has your experience been like? We want to hear from you! Let us know in the comments below!

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