The Grandstream GAC2500 – Understanding the LED Indicators

August 5, 2016 by Steve Lopian

If you haven’t heard about Grandstream’s GAC2500 conference phone, then I would highly recommend taking a look, For those of you who have looked into the GAC2500, or better yet, own a GAC2500 then you know that this conference phone is packed with awesome features, and a very easy to use Android based system.

GAC2500For as many bells and whistles this conference phone has, I’d like to single out three bells in particular, the LED Indicators on top of the conference phone itself. These change color (red and blue), pulse, flash, and can even stay lit depending on what it is trying to tell you.

Knowing what is going on with your conference phone can be done from across the room by simply knowing what the indicators are telling you. Let’s take a look at the different signals the LEDs omit so that you can stay on top of your GAC2500.

First, let’s go over what your GAC2500 is trying to tell you if you see the color Blue. If you see a Fast Flashing blue coming from the top indicators then that means you have an Incoming Call! This will happen even when you are in the middle of conferencing or if the phone is busy.

If you happen to see that the top indicators are a Solid Blue, this means that your phone is either Calling someone, the phone is in Use, or it is in Screensaver mode. Finally, if the LED indicators are giving you a Slow Blue Pulse, then that represents a Call on Hold.

GAC2500Now, let’s get into what your LED Indicators are telling you when they light up Red. If you happen to notice that the top of your GAC2500 is giving off a Slow Pulse then that indicates you have some Unhandled Events. This can be anything from Missed Calls to New Voicemails, or New SIP Messages.

If your eyes catch the indicators giving off a Solid Red, then that means you have to tend to some maintenance. This may include High Memory Usage, a Full Message Box, Full Contacts Storage, or even Network Disconnection. Lastly, if you are receiving a Rapid Red Flash, this indicates that your GAC2500 is Upgrading.

These indicators are just one of many features this conference phone has to offer. They can be extremely useful and are an easy way to notify users with the current status of the device. So the next time your GAC2500 starts blinking and flashing at you, you will be able to stay calm and cool and know exactly what is going on!

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