The RedFone Advantage

March 13, 2008 by Arthur Miller

These days, the backbone of most businesses relies on communication. Many businesses are implementing Asterisk-based PBX systems as a result of increased communication needs.

High availability for these communication systems is therefore very appealing. An unreachable service or business can be costly both monetarily, and from a potential customer service perspective.

This blog entry will point you toward some sources for implementing high availability/load balancing applications for Asterisk-based phone systems.

Redfone Communications has announced compatibility of the foneBridge2 product with Elastix.

“The simple install routine, clean user interface and leading edge software packages supplied by ELASTIX, now combined with native foneBRIDGE2 support allows integrators to easily deploy robust telephony solutions for even the most rigorous and demanding environments where downtime is unacceptable,” stated Mark Warren, president of Redfone Communications.

For more information also check out the Redfone HA whitepaper: Redfone White paper Also listed on the resources page of VoIP-INFO is a HOWTO with Heartbeat and Redfone fonebridge.
And for your further information, here are my top reasons to deploy a Fonebridge:

  • Ethernet is the only hardware requirement. No need to worry about having the correct PCI, PCI-X, PCIe, etc. compatible slot.
  • Works with native Asterisk zaptel drivers. Does not require the install of additional software (ex. wanpipe).
  • Quick install routine- External device installs on network, no need to open up server and install inside chassis
  • High availability- Provides rapid failover capability on an Asterisk/trixbox cluster. Unique feature not supported by any PCI card manufacturer.
  • Load balancing – The ability to load balance T1/E1 PRIs to individual Asterisk/trixbox servers. Another unique feature not offered by any other vendor.
  • Mix mode operation support- T1,E1,RBS/CAS configurable on a per-port basis.
  • Price Point- Comparable to equivalent dual and quad port PCI products.
  • Free Support- Redfone will support both Asterisk and trixbox users who purchase from VoIP Supply–Anything from simple questions and configuration help to engineering consultation on the proper dimensioning and implementation of your systems.

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