So if you have been following my previous posts on open source software and hardware requirements, you are well aware that you have many options to choose from when choosing to go with an open sourced based PBX for your solution. Since one of its core features is…well…unlimited possibilities, you have many areas to consider, most of which we have already covered in the software and hardware requirements posts. Heck we have even compared open-sourced solutions to commercial based VoIP solutions so you have a good understanding of the differences between the two.

The last area we need to cover is the available options you have when purchasing an open-sourced based IP PBX. This includes hardware options and add-ons as well as software options.

If …

When it comes to VoIP and telephony, many customers are realizing the added benefits of using open-source operating systems and telephony software to administer and maintain a fully functional, feature rich, and productive phone system. The term open-source is used very loosely but in short, describes a VoIP Phone system that is based entirely on free, openly distributed source code and a combination of both an open-sourced version of Linux operation system, and open source telephony software, better known as Asterisk.…

Okay, so the folks at Fonality aren’t REALLY crazy; but if you have seen or played with HUD3, the third version of their Unified Microcommunications messenger you might think that giving it away for free is, well, a little crazy.

And that is exactly what they are going to be doing with HUD 3.0 for trixbox CE.

According to the folks at Fonality, the new HUD 3.0 will provide trixbox CE users with presence management and detection in a single interface for all types of office communications, including SMS, instant message, landline calling, mobile calling, chat, voicemail, email, conferencing, recording, and barging.

Now that is pretty exciting for businesses and call centers who are interested in making the switch to VoIP.

The driving force …

As Cory Andrews unveiled a few weeks ago, Sangoma has release a new USB FXO device, the U100, which allows you to turn a USB interface on an open source appliance/server into a two port PSTN connectivity device.
Sangoma U100 Review

Today we are going to tell you about our experience with the U100 (remember still in BETA, not all of the kinks have been worked out). To begin, this product shows some real promise in the residential and SOHO market. It’s hard to find a 2 line FXO product out there (Can anyone else think of an application for this nifty little device?). Pair this up with the new MSI Wind or the Shuttle X27 guzzling down no more than 40 watts of …

Dear Mr. Andrews:

I run a manufacturing facility and we recently implemented trixbox to replace our legacy phone system. We have a four-zone analog paging system that was integrated with our previous phone system. What are my options for paging with trixbox?

Ask Mr. Andrews

“Desktop” paging, whereby you dial a number and all the phones in the dialed call group pick up automatically, go into hands free, and play through their speaker what the caller is saying, is supported on trixbox using a number of IP phones. Snom phones, Grandstream GXP Series Phones, Aastra 480i and 9133i, and Polycom phones all support desktop paging.

A note about setting up desktop paging with Polycom phones:

You MUST provision the phone from a FTP server to
load the …

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The Asterisk PCI Hardware War rages on with several vendors in the fray including Digium, Sangoma, Pika Technologies, Rhino and a host of Asia based OEM clones.

Canadian DSP manufacturer Octasic could be accused of Asterisk War Profiteering, having signed exclusive VoIP deals with many of these vendor combatants to provide DSP chip components for EC (Echo Cancellation) and VQE (Voice Quality Enhancement).

Octasic Vocallo Sangoma Asterisk SS7

Octasic recently announced shipment of their new Vocallo multi-core DSP chip, with Sangoma signing on as their first announced customer in the Asterisk space.

“Octasic has always delivered superior quality products, with unmatched performance and power. Vocallo will allow us to expand our business into new markets,” saidDavid Mandelstam ( News – Alert), president and CEO of Sangoma Technologies, in a statement.

In the realm of IP phone systems there are many flavors to choose from. You have the small petite servers for a few users, such as a small or home office, then branch out to the big monsters that can handle 1,000 concurrent calls at once. It is easy enough with some simple wit and a little money to figure out a box that has the power for your needs, but one thing that some people do not take into consideration is the software back bone that makes this happen.

In my next few paragraphs I will be talking about the much loved trixbox unit and their software bundles. We will look over the Community Edition (CE), Standard Edition (SE), and then the Call Center …

These days, the backbone of most businesses relies on communication. Many businesses are implementing Asterisk-based PBX systems as a result of increased communication needs.

High availability for these communication systems is therefore very appealing. An unreachable service or business can be costly both monetarily, and from a potential customer service perspective.

This blog entry will point you toward some sources for implementing high availability/load balancing applications for Asterisk-based phone systems.

Redfone Communications has announced compatibility of the foneBridge2 product with Elastix.

“The simple install routine, clean user interface and leading edge software packages supplied by ELASTIX, now combined with native foneBRIDGE2 support allows integrators to easily deploy robust telephony solutions for even the most rigorous and demanding environments where downtime is unacceptable,” stated Mark …

New Video Shows Your How to Install trixbox

Pal Kerry Garrison just pointed me to this awesome video he created that show a complete beginner how to get a trixbox VoIP phone system installed (and installed correctly)for the very first time. I think the best part of the video is when Kerry points out the fact that although trixbox phone systems are relatively easy to install and achieve a basic set-up, it is not easy for someone without Linux knowledge to manage and maintain going forward. Sound advice, that many have not taken in the past, from the guy who wrote the book on trixbox.

Here is the video:

If you are looking for VoIP adapters, a VoIP phone or even complete VoIP systems

Fonality Heats Up the Asterisk Appliance Space With the trixbox Appliance

trixbox applianceWith rival, and Asterisk creator, Digium already releasing their Asterisk appliance in the form of their Asterisk Developer’s Kit, Fonality has thrown their hat into the appliance space with their trixbox appliance. The trixbox Appliance comes pre-installed with the trixbox software platform and is an industrial grade rack-mountable server with dual hard disk and dual power supply redundancy options. It is aimed at businesses with five to 500 employees and can be purchased for use with VoIP, E1/T1 or up to 48 analog lines. Created for trixbox and Asterisk resellers, as well as IT professionals, the trixbox Appliance costs $999 and delivers the industry’s best price performance value for a PBX.

trixbox Enterprise