Fonality Goes Crazy, Releases HUD 3.0 For trixbox CE

September 25, 2008 by Garrett Smith

Okay, so the folks at Fonality aren’t REALLY crazy; but if you have seen or played with HUD3, the third version of their Unified Microcommunications messenger you might think that giving it away for free is, well, a little crazy.

And that is exactly what they are going to be doing with HUD 3.0 for trixbox CE.

According to the folks at Fonality, the new HUD 3.0 will provide trixbox CE users with presence management and detection in a single interface for all types of office communications, including SMS, instant message, landline calling, mobile calling, chat, voicemail, email, conferencing, recording, and barging.

Now that is pretty exciting for businesses and call centers who are interested in making the switch to VoIP.

The driving force behind the decision to include HUD 3.0 in trixbox CE?

Bringing polished unified microcommunications to the open source community.

“Open source rarely lacks in features, but often lacks in ease-of-use and polish. Our intention with this announcement is to bring the polish of the HUD 3.0 unified communications platform, which is in use by more than 100,000 paid users, to the trixbox community. This should allow them, now more than ever, to compete with the high-prices of the big-iron oligopoly,” said Chris Lyman, CEO of Fonality.

HUD3 for trixbox CE should be available over the next few weeks.

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