How To Install trixbox Video

April 5, 2007 by Garrett Smith

New Video Shows Your How to Install trixbox

Pal Kerry Garrison just pointed me to this awesome video he created that show a complete beginner how to get a trixbox VoIP phone system installed (and installed correctly)for the very first time. I think the best part of the video is when Kerry points out the fact that although trixbox phone systems are relatively easy to install and achieve a basic set-up, it is not easy for someone without Linux knowledge to manage and maintain going forward. Sound advice, that many have not taken in the past, from the guy who wrote the book on trixbox.

Here is the video:

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  • Rigoberto Muñoz

    I need an video to learn how to install and config trixbox

  • Andries

    I just want to know what is trixbox and how does it works.

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  • Magloire DIALLO

    We are interest by trixbox video.

    We are télécommunications company

    Thank !

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