The TMC Labs 2013 Award Winner is….

June 7, 2013 by Taylor Hamp

The upcoming July issue of INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine will be featuring several cool topics, but possibly the coolest is the winner of the TMC Labs Innovation Award Winner for 2013.  This award is granted to “products that have demonstrated innovation, unique features, and noteworthy developments toward improving communications technologies.” It is not based on best sellers or name brands, but on actual, innovative improvement.  And we know who won it.

This year the Grandstream GXV3672 Series of infrared IP cameras has taken the prize.

TMC’s CEO Rich Tehrani announced, “We’re pleased to bestow Grandstream with a Unified Communications TMC Labs Innovation Award.  The GXV3672 IP Video Camera has show true innovation and is deserving of recognition.”

“Businesses are investing in IP video surveillance as a way to affordably add applications for physical security monitoring as well as assessing human behavior and market research purposes,” said Grandstream Networks CEO David Li in a press release on the topic. While IP Surveillance might not strike everyone as a communications technology, Grandstream has made their IP Surveillance equipment unique in that the video phones will connect with all of their cameras.  Not only can you view your security video footage from any web browser, but with a push of a button you can check it on your desk phone!  Cool, right?

Grandstream offers two cameras from the GXV3672 Series.  Both models offer IR LED lights and IP66 weather-proof casing, providing excellent outdoor surveillance in even low or no light. They’re also ready to install with included mounting brackets with the PoE cabling already strung through.  The GXV3672_HD offers a 1.2 Megapixel CMOS sensor for 720p HD surveillance and the GXV3672_FHD comes with a 3.1 Megapixel CMOS sensor for 1080p Full HD.  Both stream in real-time, compress video in H.264 and MJPEG formats, offer pre/post event recording buffer, and support video motion detection and SIP/VoIP support.


Grandstream’s line up is a great choice for any business looking to have high technology for a low budget.  Be it IP Voice Telephony, Video Telephony, or Video Surveillance, Grandstream is committed to offering a complete set up for any business while being affordable.  They’ve also considered those who are making the gradual transition to the IP world from analog by providing ATA’s and Analog Gateways for phones, video encoders/decoders for surveillance, and several means of support.

TMC is a global integrated media company that strives to support client’s goals by building communities through all means of media, including several magazines they publish and the industry trade events they sponsor or produce.

“Grandstream has displayed its commitment to quality and innovation in the development of the unified communications industry,” said Tom Keating, CTO and TMC Labs Executive Editorial Director at TMC, in the same press release, “I look forward to more innovation from Grandstream and continued effort toward improving the future of the UC industry.”


  • What a cool invention! I think this new technology will really help in the business atmosphere, as owners and managers will be able to listen to their employees and better monitor their efficiency at work. This makes me wonder what the next and newest invention in IP technology will be. What do you think it will be?
    Safe Harbor Security Cameras

  • Max

    Great article Taylor, thanks for the resource. As for Laurel’s comment below, WebRTC (in my opinion) will be the next biggest disruption in IP technology and will begin changing the way people interact with the Web. It’s already native in Chrome and Firefox, and I expect we’ll be seeing its impact in the next year or two. Check out our Teledini blog for more info there.. Thanks again Taylor, nice post!

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