Troubleshooting: Why My Wired Headset Won’t Work with Yealink Phones?

May 27, 2020 by Ying-Hui Chen

Are you having trouble hearing through your wired headset with Yealink phones? There are a few things you can try before you contact technical support. Let’s troubleshoot:

How to Troubleshoot a Wired Headset with Audio Issues

Q: I can’t hear anything from my wired headset connected with a Yealink phone. What can be the cause?

A: The most common causes include hardware problems, compatibility issues, and connection issues. Here is a list of things you can try to troubleshoot your headset:

  1. Did you change your phone setting to headset mode? There are three channels of Yealink phones- handset, headset, and speakerphone mode.  Press the headset button on your phone to activate it. You should see a headset icon displayed on the top left corner of your Yealink phone. 
  2. Make sure your headset and the headset connector are both connected correctly. 
  3. Replace your bad headset with a working headset to test
  4. Are you using a compatible headset? Click here to download the compatibility list

You might want to check out Yealink’s UH36 headsets, the best compatible headsets for your Yealink phones:

If none of the above worked for you, you’re welcome to contact our tech support team here:

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